Women Challenges in Drug Rehabilitation

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Drug Abuse Treatment For Women – Gender Matters

two women talking at a women's treatment centerAs in other avenues of life besides drug addiction, gender matters, and even SAMSHA is publishing protocols addressing the specific needs of women in drug treatment and rehab. Their primary goal is to assist drug treatment and women’s treatment centers in offering the most up to date treatment plans for women with addiction disorders.   Experts across the field have come to acknowledge that there is a difference between drug usage in women to men, and hence their drug treatment and rehabilitation should be aligned accordingly. For this reason, some women are choosing to attend a women’s treatment center.

Factors Influencing Drug Rehabilitation

In recent history, women have been the fastest growing segment of the population for drug abuse in the Unites States, however government reports find that close to twice as many males enter drug treatment facilities each year than women.  In addition,  the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) explains that women aged 65 and older were close to three times more likely to abuse prescription drugs then men of the same age, but less likely to seek addiction rehab.

Experts realize that women face certain specific issues of addiction and recovery, and current wisdom aims to address those in order to improve the chances of drug rehabilitation.  For instance, women start using drugs for different reasons, get addicted differently and more quickly,  and relapse for different reasons than men.  Even on the physiological level, women metabolize drugs and alcohol differently than men. Women may:

  • View their drug addiction as a social activity
  • Believe that their drug addiction is just a way to manage anxiety
  • Fear losing their families and their role as caretaker
  • Keep up cosmetic appearances in order to hide addiction

A Women’s Treatment Center Can Make Rehab Easier

Women do face difficult challenges when it comes to overcoming drug addiction.  Their medical or social consequences of addiction flourish more quickly than men.  Their faster spiral from drug addiction to complete drug dependence is known as telescoping.   Also, women often discover it’s harder to quit using addictive drugs, and succumb to relapse more often than men.  These gender differences can and may affect  drug treatment dynamics.

The Hills Treatment Center understands the subtleties involved in treating the different genders and delivers sensitive services to those women interested in seeking drug rehabilitation at a women’s treatment center.  At The Hills, welcoming staff provides gender responsible treatment methods, in a safe and secure atmosphere.  They have designed programs that are better tailored to meet the treatment needs of both genders, where each individual is treated as the unique person that they are. Contact The Hills Treatment Center today, and take the first step toward drug treatment and rehabilitation at a facility that recognizes the full scope of your personal needs. Call 844-915-0287.

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