Why Luxury Rehab is Better Than Traditional Rehab: Ask The Hills Treatment Center

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The Hills Treatment Center pool on top of mountain

The Hills Treatment Center provides luxury residential rehab at its state of the art facility in the hills of Los Angeles. After just a short review of their services, it will be easy to see why luxury rehab is better than traditional rehab.  As most agree, drug and or alcohol rehab is an arduous process as the body and mind tries to rid itself of an addiction. It makes perfect sense then to opt for the secure and serene environment    The Hills Treatment Center while facing the challenges presented during rehab. 

Traditional Rehab

Luxury RehabEntering rehab is the first step on the road to drug treatment and recovery, and as we know it begins with detoxification.  Drug detox is well known for its withdrawal phase, and that can be a risky proposition if done alone or under the loose structure of traditional rehab.  This is a pivotal time in the battle to break your drug addiction, and traditional rehab doesn’t supply you with the best tools or most helpful elements.  Perhaps there is a financial concern that leads you to traditional rehab, or the fact that you are afraid to leave your old lifestyle for a length of time.  But there are costs to traditional rehab that go far beyond financial.

Benefits of Luxury Rehab

Although you may sacrifice time and money, luxury rehab programs continue to register the lowest relapse rates of all other drug treatment models.  At The Hills Treatment Center, you will find an established, proven luxury rehab facility   practicing the latest methodology for treating drug or alcohol addictions.

Complete Care:  The Hills provides an intensive level of care, with one-on-one staff ratios on a round -the -clock basis.

Comfort:  Set high atop the hills of Los Angeles, The Hills gated compound contains three separate houses where you’ll be cared for and supported as a wholly unique individual.  There is no one-size all at The Hills.

  •  Concierge rehab
  •   Individualized treatment plans
  •   Non-medical detox, or detox with medicine support
  •   Luxury sleeping arrangements
  •   World class meals
  •   Massage, yoga, meditation, hiking and swimming
  •   Various counseling programs made available
  •   Pet friendly
  •   Structure

Connection and Support:  Luxury rehab at The Hills provides a milieu that is about connection and support. There’s an emphasis on learning, socializing, growing internally, and creating a basis for long-term friendships and long-term recovery.

Luxury Rehab Provides Safety

One of the biggest advantages of luxury rehab over traditional rehab is the safety factor.  At The Hills Treatment Center you’ll be supported in a safe and structured environment, away from the stressors and distractions that fed your drug – addicted behavior.  Unlike traditional rehab, you can focus solely on your drug rehab and recovery with the assistance of trained professional therapists and without the temptations of everyday life.  Contact an admissions representative at The Hills Treatment Center, and begin to appreciate the benefits of luxury rehab over traditional rehab.  At The Hills, the benefits are significant.

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