Sobriety – Pink Clouds Turn Gray

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Happy man enjoys sobriety

The first months of sobriety are marked by feelings of improved health, new friendships and activities, achievement and accomplishment. The once small and limited worlds of our addiction have begun to open up around us, and we can hardly find fault with anything. That’s how great we feel, now that we’re taking care of ourselves. Anything is possible and the sky’s the limit! We have found our pink cloud!

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Happy man enjoys sobriety

But what goes up must come down. Somewhere around four or five months into sobriety, it becomes apparent to us that life has been continuing on without us, and everything we thought we left when coming to recovery is still waiting for us. How are we going to handle the things that used to worry and baffle us now that we’re sober? For many, this is where pink clouds turn gray.

That once gently flowing stream that wound peacefully along beautiful can easily turn into dark, tempestuous waves crashing down on gravel shores littered with jagged rocks. Life can be hard, especially in sobriety. We used drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with the twists and turns life threw at us. But now that we have achieved sobriety, we must apply new coping skills to deal with life on life’s terms. Staying connected to a strong support group, such as can be found in twelve-step meetings and fellowships, and talking our problems through can be a highly effective way of coping with struggles and strife without picking up a drink or a drug. Prayer and meditation, and forging a relationship with a Higher Power, can come in handy, as well.

But what goes down must come back up again. Those gray storm clouds will not remain forever so—they will surely brighten again as long as you put your physical and emotional health and sobriety first. As long as you remember to always do your best, you’re in god shape. The best you can is good enough.

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