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Once you decide to make the first step on the road to recovery, it’s important to select a west coast treatment center that helps ensure a successful journey. Numerous treatment facilities are available that offer a range of services. They may also use various treatment methods. Some centers follow a structured, traditional approach. While this is an option, you may find that a facility using a holistic treatment philosophy is better suited for your individual needs.

West Coast Treatment Center Philosophy

The healthy West Coast lifestyle incorporates the mind, body and spirit into all aspects of daily living. Health-conscious people want an integrated solution. This attitude also guides medical care and addiction recovery treatments. Using this client-centered approach sets a West Coast treatment center apart from clinical facilities in other areas of the country. Holistic rehab centers treat the whole person. They help clients get better by using more natural therapeutic treatments.

Traditional versus Holistic West Coast Treatment Center Methods

woman talks to therapist about west coast treatment centerTraditional rehab treatments follow a structured plan that involves meetings and medication. Clients attend meetings, lectures and classes. Staff doctors prescribe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Traditional rehab programs focus more on treating the symptoms of addiction while a holistic approach treats the underlying causes. Traditional treatment programs may not be individualized enough to meet your specific needs.

A holistic West Coast treatment program includes complementary therapies to enhance the detox and rehab process. The goal is to make you more relaxed and comfortable, which increases the rate of success. Healthy treatments and therapies include:

  • Excellent food prepared by top chefs to ensure a proper diet
  • Regular exercise to keep your body strong so that it can handle the physical changes
  • Talk therapy for emotional stability
  • Yoga and massage for relaxation and meditation

We plan activities to stimulate the mind and body while developing new healthier habits. In addition, we’ll adapt your treatment plan to your individual circumstances. It treats all the factors responsible for your addiction.

Achieving the Goal of Long-Term Success

Traditional rehab doesn’t take as long to complete as a holistic approach. It tends to be more superficial and fails to get to the root cause of your addiction. Using a holistic approach, a West Coast treatment center focuses on solving the problem of addiction. This enables you to make a long-term commitment toward sobriety. A holistic approach equips you with techniques that help control stress and addiction triggers in a healthy way. It teaches tools for living a normal life. Studies show that this well-rounded approach is more effective at helping clients recover. Treatment options include:

Finding a West Coast Treatment Center

Statistics show that a holistic approach achieves better results than traditional rehab alone. Choosing the right treatment center is vital to achieving the best outcome. This will help you stop the revolving door of recovery and set you on the path to lifelong sobriety. Knowledge is power. For more information on how the Hills Treatment Center can help you overcome your addiction, call 844-915-0287 today.

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