4 Ways to Reduce Alcohol Use Safely

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Do you worry about how much alcohol you drink? Drinking alcohol on occasion or in small amounts can improve certain aspects of your health. If you drink too often or too much, however, it has the opposite effect. By following these four ways to reduce alcohol use, you can prevent the development of addiction.

Ways to Reduce Alcohol Use

Although completely removing alcohol from your home reduces how much you drink, it’s not always practical. Using the methods below and asking for help is much more realistic. Letting family members and friends know about your intentions can give you support.

Set Limits and Drink Slower

woman pushing shot away wonders about ways to reduce alcohol useReducing your alcohol use should start with setting limits. Keep how much you drink below the recommended guidelines. If you’re a woman, you shouldn’t have more than one standard drink a day. If you’re a man, you shouldn’t have more than two standard drinks a day.

However, you might need to lower your limit further if you have a medical condition. Ask your doctor for help to determine the best limit for your health. Also, consider choosing a day or two to abstain from drinking every week. When that becomes easy, you could avoid alcohol for an entire week or month.

In addition, sip on your drinks to slow down how much you consume at one time. Have another beverage such as water, juice or soda along with it. Non-alcoholic drinks that mimic the real thing are also useful.

Don’t Let Setbacks Discourage You

One of the most important ways to reduce alcohol use is to avoid letting setbacks prevent you from your goal. Slip-ups are very common, but you can’t let them keep you from improving your life. Making a list of why you want to reduce your drinking can provide motivation. When you slip up, review your list, and don’t forget to get support from your family and friends.

Avoid Triggers and Peer Pressure

If you know that certain places, events or people make you want alcohol, avoid those triggers. You might not know your triggers when you first start reducing how much you drink. In that case, monitor your emotions to identify what, where, or who tempts you.

When you’re in a social setting, you don’t have to drink because others do. Don’t feel obligated to drink, even when people offer it. You can politely decline the alcohol with a simple “no, thank you.” Practicing what you’ll say could be helpful too.

Fill Your Free Time With Hobbies

A lot of people drink when they have free time and don’t know what to do with themselves. Keep yourself occupied with hobbies to avoid that. Take a walk, play board games, paint or play sports. These are all examples of healthy activities that can also reduce stress, which will help you reduce alcohol use further.

Start Alcohol Detox Today

While these tips work for many people, you could need medical care if you have alcohol use disorder. The Hills Treatment Center has an alcohol detox program and provides a range of rehab services for continuing care. Some of the services that we offer throughout detox and rehab include:

Don’t let your alcohol use develop into addiction or damage your body. Use the above ways to reduce alcohol use, or enroll in our alcohol detox program. Contact us for more information at 844-915-0287.

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