Wax Marijuana – The Latest Drug To Hit The Scene

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Wax Marijuana

During the last year or two, a unique form of Wax Marijuana has become increasingly popular.  It’s known as marijuana wax, ear wax, dabs, or simply wax. This form of marijuana concentrate is a far more powerful substance than marijuana in weed form.  It reportedly leads to a quicker, stronger high; the highest of marijuana highs on the drug market today.

What Is Wax?

According to ABC News, wax is the ultimate distillation of marijuana, and is so strong that one single hit can keep the user on a high that lasts more than a day.  One hit of wax has been likened to smoking 20 joints of high grade marijuana product.

Government Crackdown

The DEA is reportedly cracking down on wax usage, especially in California.  In Colorado by contrast, wax is legal for those over age 21, and increasingly popular. Wax is the distillation of marijuana, and the person making wax uses a highly flammable substance, butane, to strip the THC from the marijuana.  THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that gives it its narcotic and psychoactive properties.

California Impact

Wax marijuana Office reports that they have observed people with the onset of psychosis and even brain damage from exposure to that concentration of THC, involved in either the production or use of wax.  Chemical residue from the butane further complicates the adverse effects of the THC.

The Origins of Wax Marijuana

Why wax?  The answer lies in money motivation more than the curiosity to invent a more potent high.  Marijuana growers cultivate their crops by manicuring the high-priced buds for smoking, and trimming of the excess, non-essential leaves.  These other leaves and trimmings are used in the distillation of the marijuana into wax; which means more profit generated from your plant investment.  It’s strictly business.  Even attempts at testing and regulation, such as recent attempts at ballot measures in Los Angeles, will not curb black market wax makers.


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