Understanding Drug Treatment for Young Adults

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Group therapy treatment for young adults

Group therapy treatment for young adultsUnfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse among college-aged students is on the rise, and there’s a myriad of reasons that account for these statistics.  Last year, this fact caught the eye of the Clinton Foundation  as they examined the rise on college campuses of prescription drug abuse, as an example of how addiction affects this cohort of young adults. They used the word epidemic in expressing their concerns.  Treatment for young adults is on the uprise. 

In the same vein, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH ) observed that young adults, particularly college-aged, are abusing various over-the-counter-drugs like cold medicine, as well as illegal drugs.  Besides prescription medications they are also using Prescription Amphetamine, Prescription Pain Medicine , and marijuana.  In addition, alcohol abuse adds to this troubling list.

Why Substance Abuse in Young Adults

Some of the reasons that young adults engage in drug addictive behavior seems obvious to us.  Some rationalize that this is a time of wild experimentation, and young adults are allowed a rite of passage at this stage of their lives that makes using drugs and drinking allowable.  But the steady spike in drug overdose deaths among young adults as well as incidents of binge drinking is alarming.  In the 18-25 year old category, prescription drug abuse is second only to marijuana abuse, even though marijuana use has more than doubled.  If you are concerned about a college- aged, young adult, ask yourself if you have been excusing drug addicted behavior.

  •   Binge drinking is okay because young adults deserve to have fun?
  •  Using Prescription Amphetamine to study is okay if it gets you good grades?
  •   Borrowing prescription drugs from relatives is okay because it’s from a doctor?
  •   Drinking and drugging are okay if it boosts popularity with college friends?

Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation – It’s Time

Another contributing factor to the drug addicted behavior of young adults may surprise you.  Current scientific research  suggests that the brains of young adults are still maturing, and are not fully developed until their mid-twenties.  This accounts for some of the poor choices young adults make in terms of sobriety.  However, it’s also an excellent time for intervention and one shouldn’t hesitate to offer drug rehabilitation solutions to a college-aged student.

That’s exactly why The Hills Treatment Center offers a model program, Young Adults , to address the issues that drive young people to drug and alcohol addiction at this time in their lives.  Review the details of this excellent program modality because this is the perfect time to intervene on behalf of drug treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.  The Hills will help you return your young adult to  productive student life in a professional, supportive, and caring manner.  Call    today about the highly specialized Young Adult program at The Hills Treatment Center.

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