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It’s not uncommon for mental disorders to appear together. One example of a mental disorder that typically appears with others is addiction. Of course, getting treatment for co-occurring disorders is essential to living the life you want. Below is more information about this style of treatment and why it’s essential.

Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

woman talks to therapist about treatment for co-occurring disordersWhen people refer to treatment for co-occurring disorders, they often call it dual diagnosis treatment. Regardless of what they call it, the benefits remain the same. Dual diagnosis treatment helps people overcome mental disorders that occur together. In terms of addiction, it helps them overcome both their addiction as well as any other mental illness.

The underlying cause or source of addiction varies from person to person. However, it often stems from a mental disorder. Instead of seeking professional help, people attempt to treat the disorder themselves with drugs and alcohol.

Of course, self-medicating a mental disorder doesn’t work. All that the drugs do is temporarily cover up the symptoms. To maintain the relief, people have to continue to take drugs. In the end, their brains adapt and become dependent on the drugs to function normally.

On the other hand, developing a drug addiction makes the brain vulnerable to developing another disorder. When the addiction comes first, people might have self-medicated for other problems such as relationship trouble. They also could have started using drugs to fit in with a certain group of peers. As they continued abusing drugs, however, they developed an underlying condition.

Why Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment So Important?

Dual diagnosis treatment is the cornerstone of nearly every rehab program. The main reason is that it deals with the addiction as well as any underlying issues. Failure to address underlying problems leads to incomplete treatment. In fact, people typically suffer from relapse if they don’t get this comprehensive care.

Relapse refers to the act of using drugs after a period of sobriety. Once people relapse, it’s even harder for them to stop using drugs a second time. That’s why dual diagnosis treatment is such a crucial part of drug addiction treatment.

Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment the Only Treatment That People Need?

The benefits of dual diagnosis treatment make it easy to think that it’s the only treatment program that people need. However, it’s just one part of a larger rehab program. While it helps people address underlying issues, it doesn’t teach them how to deal with and avoid triggers. For true treatment that lasts, they need a comprehensive and unique treatment plan.

Let Us Help You Uncover Underlying Conditions

At The Hills Treatment Center, we can help you uncover the underlying issues that led to or developed with addiction. We achieve that while providing a luxury atmosphere in which you can grow. However, we go above and beyond other dual diagnosis treatment centers. Some of the many services that we offer include:

Don’t let underlying mental health issues keep you from beating addiction. Get treatment for co-occurring disorders today. Reach out to our friendly staff right now at 844-915-0287.

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