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Man wondering about treatment centers in Los Angeles

People who are struggling with addiction issues may choose from a wide variety of treatment centers in Los Angeles. Options range from no-frills facilities to extremely opulent rehab destinations.

The scope of services that Los Angeles treatment centers offer varies substantially as well. Clients can select from outpatient centers, residential programs, detox services, transitional facilities, or a combination of those options.

Some clients seek a luxurious facility with a comprehensive range of amenities. For them, The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles stands out as an ideal fit.

One of the Premier Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

man talks to therapist about treatment centers in los angelesThe Hills Treatment Center not only meets but exceeds the needs of anyone focused on overcoming addiction. We offer a complete selection of drug and alcohol rehab programs.

The Hills Treatment Center offers a residential program as well intensive outpatient care. A partial program, which includes all activities except overnight stays, is also available.

Sober living is a crucial step on the journey to recovery. The Hills Treatment Center offers sober living arrangement referrals as well as a sober companion program.

Comprising three properties on four acres, The Hills Treatment Center has an extraordinary reputation for its luxury amenities. Our rehab facility is an optimal choice for people who want to pay cash for personalized treatment.

Specializing in Individualized Treatment

Many clients of The Hills Treatment Center come from California. However, our top-notch programs also draw people from New York, Florida, Georgia and other states.

The Hills Treatment Center offers a highly regarded LGBTQ program. We cater to members of the homosexual community struggling with a variety of addictions.

Many of our clients are in the 18-34 age range. These individuals may be dealing with addictions to cocaine, alcohol, Suboxone, prescription opiates or heroin. Additionally, we also specialize in helping women overcome addiction to any type of prescription medication.

The Hills Treatment Center stands apart among Los Angeles treatment centers, offering a full range of recovery services to help clients during their healing process, including the following:

  • Focus on developing life skills
  • Job placement assistance
  • Arrangements for offsite group meetings including HIV support, AA, and NA

A Peaceful Oasis in the Heart of the City

One of the finest treatment centers in Los Angeles, The Hills Treatment Center is located on a four-acre property that was previously owned by celebrities and serves as a secluded sanctuary amid the bustle of the Los Angeles area.

At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer transitional programs and outpatient programs as well as a full continuum of care and dual diagnosis. Our staff specializes in addressing co-occurring disorders, a common affliction among those battling addiction.

Don’t let the ravages of addiction take over your life. A top-notch detox and rehabilitation facility can help you overcome your addiction issues and live the life you want to lead. Contact us at 844-915-0287 right away and begin your journey to recovery.

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