The White House Issues A New Drug Policy

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White House Drug Policy

The White House is paying close attention to drug use in the United States, and has crafted a new drug strategy to support drug control and treatment.  Leading the campaign that advises the president on drug control activities and related funding is the Office of National Drug Control Policy, or ONDCP.  This office was created by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 and is a component  of the executive branch of government.  There are some key components in their renewed efforts to coordinate control of drug use in the United States that take a different tact, a fresh approach.

The ONDCP Strategy 

  • White House Drug PolicyGovernment Wide Public Health and Safety Approach

  • Emphasis on Community Based Prevention

  • Early Intervention Programs in Healthcare Settings

  • Diverting Non-Violent Offenders Into Treatment Instead of Jail

  • Funding Scientific Research on Drug Use

  • Expanding Access to Treatment Centers through The Affordable Care Act

Drug use affects every segment of society, puts a strain on families, the economy, the healthcare and judicial systems both.  Perhaps most of all, it endangers the lives of all of those who suffer with drug and or alcohol addiction.  In order to support the ONDCP strategy, the current administration has committed over $10 billion in drug education programs and in support of opening up access to drug treatment programs.

The ONDCP on Treatment 

The new strategy acknowledges what experts have known for a long time; access to addiction treatment can be critical, pivotal, even life-saving as a resource to those with addictions, and their family and friends. Like other chronic diseases, professional intervention is required to stave off the powerful effects that drugs have on the brain and on behavior.  Studies show that dollars spent on treatment saves many dollars in public health and safety costs.

The ONDCP on Recovery 

The ONDCP wants to commend those in treatment and loudly applaud those achieving recovery.  With a new awareness on the part of this office, they understand the long journey from addiction, to detoxification, to recovery; whether it’s through medication assisted treatment or purely through counseling.  The ONDCP is committed to spreading the promise of recovery and it is one of their driving objectives.  They are devoting energy to partnering with recovery support services to help people achieve and sustain recovery.

Where To Seek Treatment

If there’s great awareness about drug addiction issues on the federal level, then certainly there’s still greater awareness on the individual level.  If you, or a loved one, has struggled with the disease of addiction, end that battle now by seeking treatment.  In the greater Los Angeles area, there’s no finer treatment facility than The Hills Treatment Center.  With their supportive staff of professionals, they will guide you through detoxification, treatment, and transitional recovery, with varied and specific support groups tailored to meet your exact needs.  Contact them today, tour their private residential facility in the secluded hills overlooking Hollywood, and begin the road to recovery.

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