The Importance of Working The Rehab Steps

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Couple going through rehab steps with a counselor

12 Steps at a Time 

Couple going through rehab steps with a counselor

One of the most influential parts of recovery that really promotes change is when someone works the 12 steps. Working the steps allows us to let go of past resentments and feelings that may bring us back into the cycle of addiction. It helps us to realize what our part was in past relationships we had. Without step work many of us would not be as spiritually free or stable as we have become as a result of working the steps. We start to become better people as a result of step work. It helps to show us how some of our actions and behaviors can negatively affect others. We then start to be more conscious of the things we do and say. This process happens gradually, and most people don’t even realize that the steps are actively working in their lives.

Sometimes it may be hard for us to notice a change in ourselves, but those around us will surely notice a difference when we are working and have worked all of the 12 steps. Working these steps gives us an opportunity to become more comfortable and familiar with ourselves. We build real confidence, instead of the artificial confidence we got from drugs and alcohol. We start to believe in ourselves and function day-to-day in a more positive manner. They not only help us to remain sober but they help us to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We spent so much time emotionally stagnant when we were using drugs or alcohol that we may not have developed in certain areas as fully as we could have.

Working the 12 Steps

The steps help us to retrain our brain. For most people, it changes the way you see things. In your active addiction you might have looked at someone and saw the negative qualities about them that you didn’t like, where as now you can look at them and notice the positive qualities. It helps us to totally change our once warped perception. We mature and grow even faster now and those around us will take notice. Some people think that step work is going to be hard and grueling. When in all actuality most individuals enjoy the steps and look forward to working them or taking another person through them. Working these steps helps us to stay sober and change our old ways. We then help another addict or alcoholic through the steps in order to give back what we have received. This is the cycle that keeps the 12 step fellowship strong. Start your step work and see how it goes. It has the

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