The Importance of Rehab Aftercare

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Woman visiting a psychologist during rehab aftercare

Sober Living 

Woman visiting a psychologist during rehab aftercare

Inpatient rehab is typically an important step for people who are trying to get clean and sober. Usually the initial stay at an inpatient treatment facility is 30 days. However, judging by statistics, 30 days is many times not enough to build a proper foundation in recovery. Thirty days is a good amount of time for clearing your head, getting physically better and more emotionally stable, but the statistics show that most people who enter residential treatment and do not follow up with a strong aftercare plan, relapse. Aftercare (also known as extended care or continued care) is any form of treatment after a stay in inpatient rehab. Sober living, recovery houses, halfway houses, and outpatient rehabilitation all qualify as suitable aftercare options. The longer you stay in treatment the better their chances are of achieving long term sobriety.

Entering a sober living is one of the best aftercare options. It is a period of time dedicated to transitioning you back into the normal flow of life while giving you extra help to stay sober. Not only does aftercare provide you with structure and a reminder of what your goals are but it assists in introducing you to new people who are going through similar struggles. It allows you to build a sober network and build bonds with those who are working the same type of program you are. Meeting new people and building a solid group of sober friends is an important part of recovery.

Most aftercare programs will also integrate you into the 12 step fellowships. 12 step meetings are a great place to meet others in recovery who are there to help and support the newly sober individual. Many people feel that twelve step programs and fellowship are the most important part of their recovery. Aftercare programs help you to get involved in these fellowships and make it a regular part of your life. Having a strong aftercare plan and strong sober network is the best way to help ensure a solid road to recovery.

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