The Importance of a Strong Sober Network

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Woman receiving support from her sober network

Building A Strong Support Group

Woman receiving support from her sober network

One of the best ways to remain sober is to build a strong sober network through your 12 step fellowship. Sobriety is not meant to be something that is endured alone. When people isolate and don’t reach out their chances for continuous sobriety are less likely. Connecting with others who share the same common problem and have come to understand the solution is the basis of every 12 step fellowship.

Building relationships with people who can relate to exactly what you are going through will help immensely when times get tough. Meeting people with more time than you will allow you to feed off of their experience, strength, and hope. They will be able to relay to you how they got through the situation that you are experiencing at that moment. Not only does it provide examples of how the program works and that it can be done, but it provides us with support that we can turn to whenever we run into a problem.

Being involved and acquiring sober friends will also help us to branch out and have fun in sobriety. Having a good time and enjoying your life is necessary in sobriety. With people surrounding you who have time in the program you can start to do things that you may not be comfortable doing by yourself or with individuals not in the program. You will come to realize that there is more fun and excitement to be had in sobriety then there ever was when you were using. You will be able to accomplish and do things that may never have been possible if you were still stuck in your addiction.

Build Relationships

Once you have built a strong support group your life will start to become bigger and full of opportunity. It will all start to make more sense and you will come to understand how people stay in recovery. Nothing is impossible when you are sober, the world opens up and you will start to see things in a different and more positive light. The friends you make in the program often become some of the best friends you have ever had in your life. They will be there for you when times get tough or when you just need someone to talk to. There are many gifts of sobriety and having strong, long lasting relationships is one of them. These relationships will get you through the tough times, and before you know it you will be one of those people connecting with someone new and showing them how you have done it.

The fellowships are all about being of service and helping others who have less time or experience than you do. The sense of community and love is certainly one of the best aspects of any 12 step fellowship. So build relationships with people you can relate to who have gone through, or are going through the same things as you. Make sure you have a group of friends that you can turn to when you may be doubting yourself. With a strong support group in tact you will give yourself the chance to blossom and grow, and ultimately help out someone in the future who was in the same position that you were in.

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