Outpatient Rehab Program at The Hills Treatment Center

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Understanding Outpatient Programs

The Hills Treatment Center is known as a luxury, residential rehab facility set high atop the hills of Los Angeles.  However, it also offers one of the finest outpatient rehabilitation programs in tandem with its residential component. Treatment choices hinge on several factors depending upon what best suits your lifestyle as well as your addiction challenges.  Either way, the choice for outpatient rehabilitation or residential rehabilitation is personal and specific.  Just as with their residential rehabilitation program, The Hills outpatient rehab is highly individualized.  Before deciding it’s best to understand exactly what outpatient rehab is all about.

outpatient rehabOutpatient rehabilitation is a form of therapy where patients travel to a clinic, hospital, or treatment center at regular intervals, and receive treatment that typically includes various forms of behavioral counseling. The primary distinction between residential rehab versus outpatient rehab, is that an outpatient program allows you to the freedom to come and go and doesn’t interrupt other work or school commitments. Conversely, you are still out and about in a world that is filled with distractions that can potentially pull you off course from your treatment and rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehab can also differ in the form and intensity of the programs offered. Additionally, an outpatient program often costs less than residential treatment, and that makes perfect sense.  Cost is a factor, and if the cost savings makes drug or alcohol rehabilitation possible, then it’s important to weigh cost into your decision.  However, you must be selective about the outpatient rehab model, because a low intensity, lowest cost facility may not offer more than drug education and not be significant in its counseling efforts.  Models that are more rigorous are often comparable to the treatment dynamic of a residential rehab center.  A good rehab center should have various behavioral counseling options for drug treatment and other addiction disorders.

The Hills Outpatient Rehab

The Hills Treatment Center presents the best in outpatient rehab models, the Intensive Outpatient Program.  Their outpatient program is located the Melrose District of Los Angeles, away from their main residential facility.  The client’s program in IOP is highly individualized and outlined by his or her caseworker upon an initial assessment.  The focus of the IOP is on commitment and accountability, which includes urinalysis, relapse prevention, medication compliance, and family therapy.  Contact The Hills Treatment Center today and explore the possibility of an outpatient rehab modality.  Whether residential or outpatient rehab, The Hills understands that seeking treatment in either category will be life changing. Visit The Hills Outpatient to learn more about our outpatient rehab programs.

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