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Photo gallery of The Hills Treatment Center Pool

The Hills Treatment Center, high atop the hills of Los Angeles, is more than a luxury drug treatment center.  While they do feature a premier, private residential rehab facility, The Hills is far more than that in their delivery of state-of-the-art drug treatment therapies.  Their drug treatment center brings together the finest minds in the field of addiction, applying the best research practices that a drug treatment center can provide.

Why Select The Hills Treatment Center for Drug Treatment?

Photo gallery of The Hills Treatment Center PoolThere are many reasons to select The Hills, starting with it’s founder Dr. Samuels, The Hill’s Program Director. Dr. Samuels is a leading expert in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and has himself been clean and sober for 29 years; a testament to his deep commitment to the field of addiction treatment and recovery. In addition to being a book author and columnist with The Huffington Post, Dr. Samuels can also been seen on network television shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show.   He leads his staff of clinicians and paraprofessionals who are kind, caring, respectful of client privacy, and well versed in various therapeutic modalities of drug treatment.

Drug Treatment Support Programs

Besides the stellar staff at The Hills, their treatment philosophy takes a whole person approach.  Each treatment plan is customized to each particular individual, recognizing every client as a unique person distinct from his or her drug addiction.  In order to foster drug treatment and rehabilitation, The Hills offers a wide variety of support programs to that end, making it the premier, distinguished drug treatment center that it is known to be.


Residential Care 

Sober Living  

Family Outreach  

Dual Diagnosis  

Young Adults 

New Lease on Life   

Individual and Group Counseling  


Review The Hills Treatment Center and you will be impressed with what an superb drug treatment center it is on all levels.  You will quickly learn that they are the drug treatment center that understands and supports your struggle against drug addiction from detoxification, to rehabilitation and on to recovery.  The staff at The Hills is there to guide you every step of the way in a safe and serene environment. Then, contact an admissions representative at The Hills today and they will answer your specific questions and concerns.   Soon you’ll hear those life-changing words, welcome to The Hills.

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