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Drug abuse is a problem that affects people of all ages, including teens. When they try a drug, they don’t try it with the intention of developing a drug abuse problem. With that said, it’s impossible to know when someone crosses the line between occasional use and abuse. Once teenage drug abuse develops, it doesn’t take long for addiction to develop as well.

What Is Drug Abuse?

teenage-drug-abuseBefore diving deeper into teenage drug abuse, it’s important to have a better understanding of what drug abuse entails. It refers to the habitual or regular use of drugs for recreational purposes. People abuse drugs when they use substances in ways other than their intended uses. For example, when individuals take them to alter their moods or consciousness, it’s considered drug abuse.

When people think of drug abuse, prescription drugs typically come to mind first. However, people can abuse any drug, including over-the-counter medicines, illegal narcotics, and alcohol. They abuse alcohol when they drink too much. Like prescription drugs, taking too much over-the-counter medicine is abuse as well.

Teenage Drug Abuse

What about teenage drug abuse? Why do teens abuse drugs in the first place? Learning the answers to these questions is an important part of understanding drug abuse in teens.

There are numerous reasons why teens might abuse drugs. Some of them do it because they see their parents do it on a regular basis. In these types of cases, they grow up thinking that using drugs is normal.

Others abuse drugs because they see their friends do it. Fitting in socially is very important to teens, so they start using drugs to fit in with certain groups. In such situations, they think that not doing drugs somehow makes them uncool or less popular.

How Does Drug Abuse in Teenagers Negatively Affect Them?

First of all, it’s important to note that drug abuse is dangerous for people of all ages. It affects the chemical balance in the brain. Having a chemical imbalance can lead to the development of mental disorders and developmental disorders.

With that said, teens are at a greater risk of developing these problems. Experts believe that the reason is that the teenage brain hasn’t developed fully yet. As a result, the neurochemical effect on the brain is greater in teens than in adults 25 years or older.

Mental disorders can lead to lifelong problems. That’s why drug rehab for teens is so important. It can help them deal with their drug abuse problems. At the same time, it can help them deal with underlying mental issues that might have developed too.

Let The Hills Treatment Center Provide Personalized Treatment for Your Teen

At The Hills Treatment Center, we focus on providing individualized treatment plans. Whether your teen needs recovery from alcohol abuse or drug abuse, you can count on us. To achieve this goal, we provide many unique therapy programs. Some of these include petgroup, and individual therapy.

We believe that it takes more than just unique treatment plans to treat adult and teenage drug abuse. Recovery from alcohol abuse requires the help of knowledgeable and friendly staff members who can walk you through the process. It also requires unique treatment plans that accurately address your needs. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t let teenage drug abuse turn into a lifelong problem for your teen. Find out how you can help your teen overcome these problems early. Call us at 844-915-0287 for more information about how we can help you fight back.