How to Spot Teen Substance Abuse

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A young man about to inject drugs is an example of teen substance abuse

It can be devastating to learn that your child has a teen substance abuse problem. But what if you’re not sure what’s going on? After all, adolescents go through many changes during their teen years. Is what their going through normal or is it something serious? If you know what to look for, you’ll recognize the signs of drug and alcohol abuse. The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner your family can get help for it.

How to Spot Teen Substance Abuse

A young man about to inject drugs is an example of teen substance abuseTeenagers can be moody and withdrawn one day and lively and full of conversation the next. As any parent knows, these years are full of surprises.

If you suspect teen substance abuse, you might wonder if you’re overreacting. When it comes to your kids, however, it’s natural to want to err on the side of caution.

Some common signs of teen substance abuse include:

  • Falling grades, particularly for teens who made good grades before
  • A change of friends, especially if your teen doesn’t want you to meet them
  • Withdrawing from social activities and sports
  • An insistence on privacy
  • Moody, irritable, or violent behavior

While moodiness by itself is rarely a sign of something wrong, it could indicate a problem if this is new behavior, coupled with other changes.

Other things you may notice include missing money, empty prescription pill or cough syrup bottles, odd smells coming from your teen, or paraphernalia like small plastic baggies and burnt spoons. Teens may not have access to illicit drugs, so they often experiment with what they find at home. This may include your prescription medication or alcohol.

Treatment for Your Teenager

Getting treatment for teen substance abuse is vital for your child’s health and future. Kids who abuse drugs have a higher likelihood of continuing addiction as adults.

It’s best to look for rehab options that cater to adolescents and young adults. Specialists in this area understand the unique challenges that teenagers face. Kids in this age group require different therapeutic approaches than adults.

Fortunately, you have an option in the Hollywood Hills that’s discreet and secluded.

A Luxury Rehab Experience

The Hills Treatment Center offers a full-service detox and rehab program. In our luxurious setting, clients receive friendly, world-class care.

We accept men, women, and adolescents hoping to turn their lives around and leave drug and alcohol addiction behind. To that end, we provide a relaxing facility where your privacy and comfort are top priorities. Residential and outpatient care is available, as well as gender-specific and LGBTQ-centered programs.

Our treatment programs include:

If you or a loved one needs help breaking free from the grip of addiction, call us today at 844-915-0287. Our caring team of professionals is ready to start you on the road to recovery.

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