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The Unlikely Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Even when used as directed, prescription drugs are potent substances that, in some cases, can be highly addictive. Prescription medications are relied on to improve health, treat disease, and address symptoms related to various mental health conditions. Although prescription drugs can make symptoms easier to manage and improve overall treatment outcomes, it is crucial to…
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Everything You Need to Know About Social Reintegration

Substance abuse and substance use disorders often begin as experimentation and, before long, evolve into problematic and potentially dangerous medical and mental health concerns. In time, relationships with family and loved ones dissolve, work and academic performance suffer, and medical and emotional health start to decline.    Unfortunately, while we know a great deal about…
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Intense Alcohol Addiction Treatment-What Can You Expect?

Estimates provided by the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) indicate more than twenty million American adolescents, teens and adults have an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism. Unlike some other addictions, alcohol dependence does not happen after a single use; it emerges from long-term alcohol use and abuse.    Is Alcohol Addictive? Alcohol…
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Common Symptoms of Detox: Psychological and Physical

When you decide to seek help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, the first step for most addiction treatment programs is detox or detoxification. The detox process can be challenging and complex and there are many common symptoms of detox; however, it is a vital step toward putting drug or alcohol addiction in the past.…
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How to Safely Overcome Heroin Addiction

Data from the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggests approximately 0.2% of the United States Population has a heroin use disorder. Of those, many are between the ages of twelve and eighteen and struggle to overcome heroin addiction. The same report shows more than 13,000 people died from a drug overdose involving…
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How to Find or Become A Sober Companion

Over the last decade, approaches to addiction treatment have changed. Today, more people are seeking help from outside support systems beyond therapists, counselors, and traditional support groups. Although all of these professionals and services remain vital components of an addiction recovery team, many find they want or need additional support beyond initial treatment. Going into…
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Intense Faces of Methamphetamines: What Does it Do Long-Term?

Methamphetamine or “meth” addiction is one of the most dangerous substance addictions. Data released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates more than 2.6 million American youth and adults reported using meth in 2019. In 2020, 1.5 million people (ages 12 and over) had a methamphetamine use disorder. The average age where people first…
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Shocking Health Hazards: Excessive Worrying

Anxiety is a normal emotion. Anxiety results from your brain and stress response systems reacting to an event that causes worry or fear. Anxiety is how your brain communicates that there is a potential danger you should be aware of and may need to address. Everyone experiences anxiety symptoms occasionally, especially when faced with a…
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Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

When the conversation turns to prescription drug abuse, many people first think of prescription pain killers or opioid drugs. The effects of the opioid epidemic continue to reach across the nation, responsible for the loss of thousands of lives annually. However, opioid drugs are not the only prescription drugs with elevated rates of abuse. Data…
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