Symptoms of Meth Addiction

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Man struggles with the symptoms of meth addiction

man in hoodie showing symptoms of meth addictionMeth addiction is one of the most serious addictions one can face – and if you believe a friend, spouse, partner, family member or friend is suffering with this disease, you need to get encourage them to seek treatment soon as possible, before it spirals out of control.  If you have concerns about a loved one’s possible meth abuse, you need to understand the signs and symptoms of meth addiction. This disease has some very obvious symptoms, but often these symptoms and signs don’t appear until a person has been abusing the drug for a while. By the time signs appear, the addiction has likely taken hold –and the longer one waits to take action, the harder the recovery process will be.  Catching meth addiction in its early stages and working with skilled addiction experts at a rehab for meth addiction is key to recovery.

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, can be consumed in a wide variety of ways: injected, smoked, inhaled or can be taken orally.  If you suspect a loved one is using methamphetamine, be on the lookout for these warning signs:

Symptoms of Meth Addiction

  •  Lack of sleep, but showing no signs of fatigue
  • A marked decrease in appetite or showing no interest in food
  • Sudden weight loss, often severe
  • Acting “hyperactive” or too alert
  • Making jittery and quick movements
  • Damaged, corroded teeth and bleeding gums
  • Tooth loss
  • Brittle, dull looking hair or hair loss
  • Skin sores; picking at skin
  • Dull, grey skin pallor
  • Erratic behavior, including severe mood swings
  • Evasive behavior and acting as if they are “hiding something”
  • Keeping an odd schedule or going out at strange hours of the night.
  • Staying out all night or not coming home
  • Having new “friends” that you’ve never met before (who also may show signs of methamphetamine addiction)
  • Noticing money going missing from their bank account – or yours. Always asking for money, with no reasonable explanation.
  • Missing work or failing classes
  • Acts extremely angry and defensive if you bring up addiction concerns.
  • Lashes out frequently at friends or loved ones.

If you notice several or more of these symptoms of meth addiction, there is a good chance that the person is suffering with a powerful disease. Meth is a very dangerous drug and you should never attempt to deal with this addiction on your own. You need a detox and rehabilitation facility that is equipped to help with meth addictions. These addiction rehabilitation centers understand the specific challenges that must be overcome when dealing with a meth addiction. There are very few drugs in the world that have as devastating effect on the body as meth does. Without proper rehabilitation, an addict is on the fast track to destroying their health, their mind and their life. And remember, when looking to get help, time is of the essence. The average life expectancy of a heavy meth user is just five to seven years from the time they start using.

Los Angeles Meth Rehab Facility

Once you’ve determined that you are dealing with a meth addiction, the next step you must take is finding a meth addiction rehabilitation facility. The Hills Treatment Center is a Los Angeles meth rehab facility with a reputation for treating even the most challenging meth addiction cases and helping addicts get on the path to recovery.  To learn more about the Los Angeles meth rehab facility and powerful recovery options at The Hills, call 844-915-0287 today.

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