Symptoms of Alcoholism Your Co-Workers Are Noticing

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Woman notices the symptoms of alcoholism in her coworker

Many individuals struggling with alcoholism believe that they can function in the workplace. However, the signs of an alcohol addiction can still be obvious. There’s a good chance that if you’re dealing with an alcohol addiction, your coworkers are noticing some of the most common symptoms of alcoholism.

Reduced Ability or Performance Level

businesswoman noticing symptoms of alcoholism in her business partnerAccording to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, major concerns for employers regarding alcoholism include the potential for injury, loss of production and extra sick leave. Among co-workers, some of the most obvious signs of alcoholism involve a decrease in performance level. Employees struggling with alcoholism might be slower to complete a job, be more prone to mistakes or have a reduced reaction time.

Physical Symptoms of Alcoholism

A few of the most obvious signs of alcoholism include physical changes. A few of these examples might include:

  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Noticeable blood vessels on the skin
  • Flushed, red nose and cheeks
  • Clumsiness or unsteadiness when standing and walking
  • Smell of alcohol on breath

Irritability or Mood Swings

Alcoholism is a disease that often causes patterns of irritability. When individuals dealing with alcohol addiction are drinking, they might be sociable and friendly. Many of their friends and co-workers usually identify these individuals as being the life of the party.

The flip-side to this, however, is that when these individuals aren’t drinking, they can be sullen or moody. Withdrawal symptoms kick in just six to nine hours after drinking. Since this is something typical during a normal workday, individuals might begin to be irritable and upset.

Unexplained Lateness or Absenteeism

Virtually all employees, in nearly every industry, are absent to work because of sickness or family emergencies at some point in their careers. Likewise, many employees are late here and there during their careers for any number of reasons. However, those struggling with alcoholism are far more likely to be late or absent. Co-workers may notice this and chalk it up to drinking too much, staying up late or suffering from a hangover.

Problematic Relationship With Alcohol

Sometimes, co-workers can identify that someone is struggling with alcoholism because of their relationship with drinking. For instance, someone might be noted as having an alcohol problem if they drink regularly on a lunch break, routinely consume too much during happy hours or consistently get drunk at office holiday parties.

Seeking Help for Alcoholism

Co-workers spotting signs of alcoholism may be the final straw that encourages individuals to seek help and begin their journey to recovery. A complete detox program, followed by rehab, can be the perfect way to get sober and embrace work, relationships and life from a new and healthy perspective.

If your co-workers, friends or superiors are beginning to notice symptoms of alcoholism, then don’t delay in getting help. Alcohol rehab can transform your life, and one of the best options is The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California. Call 844-915-0287 to verify your insurance and get back on track toward sobriety.

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