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People clapping in support groups for families of addicts

Addiction is a chronic disease that also affects the families of those who suffer from it. People who struggle with addiction often lie and steal from their loved ones so that they can buy alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, there are many support groups for families of addicts that can provide encouragement and strength.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

This support program has a track record of providing great resources for people who grew up with addicted parents. The core belief of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) is that parental addiction creates a broken family that affects the children. These effects can even have an impact through adulthood.

ACA uses an adapted version of the original 12 Steps and offers meetings over the phone, online or at physical locations. This allows all children of alcoholics to get the support that they need. The meetings involve members sharing their stories and practicing recovery techniques.

Al-Anon Family Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous is for people who struggle with alcohol addiction. Al-Anon is an organization that supports their loved ones. Rather than give advice, the members share their individual stories during meetings. They find strength in relating to others who have gone through or are going through similar problems.

Those who attend Al-Anon meetings also learn how to apply the principles of the 12-step program to their lives. The group has a separate section, Alateen, for young family members of people with alcohol addiction as well. This makes the support group great for adult children, grandparents, parents, partners and spouses, siblings and teens.

Dual Recovery Anonymous

Similar to Al-Anon, Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA) lends support to family members of people with dual diagnosis addictions. It’s built around the same 12-step program as many other anonymous programs, providing education and support to families and friends.

DRA members help family members understand and cope with addiction. They also help those with dual diagnosis with recovery support and relapse prevention. Joining the support program requires a desire to stop drinking or taking drugs and to manage the co-occurring illness.

Families Anonymous

This is a fellowship for families and friends of people who have an addiction to alcohol, drugs or other behavioral issues. It uses a 12-step program and aims to give members the feeling that they aren’t alone. Anyone who is concerned about a loved one, even if it’s only a suspicion, is welcome to attend a meeting.

Nar-Anon Family Groups

People clapping in support groups for families of addictsNarcotics Anonymous is for those with drug addictions. Nar-Anon is a support group that gives the family members and friends encouragement. It’s the counterpart of Al-Anon and follows a 12-step program that offers spiritual recovery.

Nar-Anon members give each other strength in nationwide meetings. The program also offers custom support for teens, plenty of resources to learn about addiction and an online community.

Support Groups for Families of Addicts at The Hills Treatment Center

Along with independent support groups for families of addicts, The Hills Treatment Center offer group support for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Located in a central but secluded 4 acres in Hollywood Hills, we provide confidential therapy and support. We are a luxury, pet-friendly full-service treatment center that also offers

  • Massage
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