Synthetic Drugs Abuse and Addiction

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Although they’ve only made their way to news headlines recently, synthetic drugs are nothing new. LSD and ecstasy are two examples of synthetic substances that can be dangerous as well as addictive. In recent years, drugs like bath salts and spice have also grown in popularity. Learn more about how to identify synthetic drug abuse and what you can do to overcome an addiction to these substances.

What is a Synthetic Drug?

Synthetic-Drugs-Abuse-and-AddictionSynthetic drugs are also known as designer drugs. All this means is that people create them. Heroin, for example, is derived from opium poppies. Krokodil, however, is a synthetic version with similar effects.

Although people create synthetic drugs rather than just process them, these substances are far from safe. In fact, designer drugs are often more potent because people design them that way. This also makes them a cheaper option for those who already have drug addictions. When prescription opiates are too expensive, and even heroin has become too costly, Krokodil might be the only option available to a struggling addict.

Rapid Creation of New Designer Drugs

One of the biggest problems with synthetic or designer drugs is that people continue to create new varieties all the time. Although a combination of substances might not yet be on a list of illicit drugs, it can still be deadly. Some synthetic substances are able to be sold legally under false names or for false reasons and still end up in the hands of users.

For example, drug users can find certain synthetic substances in gas stations and convenience stores. These establishments are able to legally sell synthetic like potpourri or incense. However, those in the know actually consume these products like drugs. Some drugs can cause a stimulant effect, and many are similar to existing drugs like heroin or MDMA.

Lack of Regulation Increases Risks

Synthetic or designer drugs are dangerous substances that can cause serious health problems as well as addictions. The fact that they’re new and unregulated makes these risks even more worrying.

Many people don’t have all the information and believe that synthetic drugs are actually safe. Sometimes, the newest drugs don’t show up on drug tests or are available in stores, so people mistakenly believe that these drugs can’t harm them. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To make matters worse, many users don’t realize how strong these drugs actually are. They might take a dose that is far too large, which can result in an accidental overdose.

Signs and Symptoms of Synthetic Drug Abuse or Addiction

The signs of drug abuse are often the same whether a person is using synthetic drugs, illicit drugs or prescription drugs. You might notice that their behavior is changing and that they have new habits and sleep patterns. You might also see more irritability and mood swings.

A person’s appearance can also change, and weight loss or weight gain is often an indicator of drug abuse. Financial problems might also occur, and the person might withdraw from work, school or family.

Fight Back Against Synthetic Drugs at The Hills Treatment Center

The good news is that treatment programs in California can help anyone fight back against synthetic drug abuse. At The Hills Treatment Center, clients can expect an upscale and personalized approach to recovery. That approach may include:

Synthetic drugs pose a serious and growing risk on an individual and societal level. At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, you’ll gain the skills you need to end your active addiction. Call 844-915-0287 and move toward total sobriety today.