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substance-use-disorderAre you one of the millions of Americans ages 12 years or older suffering with a substance use disorder? If so, you might be wondering how to conquer your problem permanently. Fortunately, the answer you seek is far simpler than you might imagine. What you need is quality substance abuse treatment overseen by competent and experienced professionals.

What Is a Substance Use Disorder?

A substance use disorder is a condition that occurs when the extended use of one or multiple psychoactive substances results in clinical distress or impairment. Consequently, the effects can be mental, physical, or emotional. Common signs of a substance use disorder include health problems, disability, and the failure to meet personal and professional obligations. Additionally, teen drug and alcohol abuse are the most common forms of substance use disorders.

If your substance abuse has lead to dependency and full-blown addiction, know there’s always hope for rehabilitation. With the right help, you can overcome addiction and start reconstructing your life. Top-level treatment helps you get clean and prepares you for recovery with healthy tools for managing stress and resisting future urges.

How Treatment Can Help Substance Use Disorder?

The most effective type of treatment for a substance use disorder involves a combination of recovery tools and services. For many, the recovery experience begins with detox. During this process, harmful toxins exit the body. Therefore, users experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe. The withdrawal challenge depends on the substance of choice and also factors including how long and in what frequency drug use occurs.

Overall, detox overseen by experienced medical professionals is the safest and most effective route for managing withdrawal. Once detox is complete, individuals are ready to begin treatment for their specific needs. Compared to generalized treatment, personalized programs are designed to identify and address each individual’s needs. This customized treatment takes into consideration each individual’s personal history with addiction.

Treat Your Substance Use Disorder at Our California Rehab

You can receive compassionate and knowledgeable care at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California. Conquering a substance use disorder won’t be easy, but our specialists guide you through each step of the recovery process. By choosing us for your rehab program, you’ll never have to doubt if you’re in good hands.

We offer a variety of treatment programs aimed at guiding users away from substance abuse and towards a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of how long or how frequently you’ve been engaging in substance abuse, there’s always a program that can help.

Just a few of the programs and therapies we offer at our full-service detox and rehab center include:

In addition, we provide many transitional and outpatient programs at our facility that’s spread across 3 properties on 4 acres. If you would like to heal and work towards recovery in a safe and luxurious setting, The Hills Treatment Center is ready to oblige.

Beat Substance Use Disorder by Seeking Treatment in The Hollywood Hills

Don’t ponder your recovery for one more day. The real, enduring results you desire are within your reach. If you’re tired of letting a substance use disorder define you, The Hills Treatment Center can help guide you towards lasting sobriety. Contact our office today at 844-915-0287 to learn more about how our treatment programs can help you reach your long-term goals.