Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse

Prescription drug addiction has been the leading cause of overdose in the United States for a number of years. The prescription drug crisis has been happening since the explosion of the number of people using Prescription Pain Medicine . Many people believe heroin is the problem, and even though it’s definitely an issue, most people on heroin start with medications. Prescription Pain Medicine abuse is a gateway to heroin, and it also puts you at a huge risk for addiction and overdose.

Admitting Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse

The problem with prescription medications is that many people receive the medications from doctors. While physicians prescribe these medications with good intentions, they can become highly addictive. A doctor may prescribe you the drug after surgery or if you experience chronic pain. The medication acts by blocking pain receptors, while also giving you a euphoric feeling.

It’s extremely difficult to admit to Prescription Pain Medicine abuse because you may feel as though you can justify your use. Because the medication comes from a doctor, it doesn’t mean that your life hasn’t become unmanageable. As time goes on, you develop a dependence on the drug, and you need to use more. This is when you begin to have problems with friends, family members, and everyone else in your life.

How Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse Escalates

There are also those who begin using Prescription Pain Medicine without a prescription, purely as a way to get high. This is dangerous as well because it can turn into a heroin addiction quickly. No matter what the reason you started taking the medication, the progression is always the same. This happens in a few stages, which consist of the following:

  • Use
  • Abuse
  • Dependence
  • Addiction

By the time you get to the point of dependence, you begin to lose the power of choice. This means you no longer make the decision to use the drug, but you feel like you have to. This either comes from intense cravings that you can’t shake or withdrawal symptoms. The body and mind become so accustomed to the medication that you can’t function without it.

Getting Help for Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse

If you find that your Prescription Pain Medicine abuse is taking control of your life and causing problems, help is available. Getting help involves finding the best drug rehab to suit your specific needs. The first requirement for a facility should be that it offers a medical detox program. Getting off of drugs like Prescription Pain Medicine is extremely difficult due to withdrawal, which is why you need help.

From here, a quality rehab center should provide a wide range of treatment programs to help you recover. This includes multiple levels of care as well as various therapeutic processes. Through different forms of individual and group therapy, you’ll begin to learn a new way of living. This will help give you hope that you no longer have to live a life where you’re dependent on Prescription Pain Medicine .

The Hills Treatment Center is a full-service addiction rehab that can help you begin your recovery journey. Our facility provides everything from detox to residential treatment and outpatient care. We have a dedicated, passionate staff who wants to help you begin a new life in recovery. Some of the various treatment methods that we use here at The Hills Treatment Center include the following:

If you’re tired of living with addiction, allow us to help you discover a new way of life. You can get more information about our addiction treatment program by calling us today at 844-915-0287.