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People abuse licit and illicit substances for various reasons. Some want to be able to relax, while others want to feel more self-confident or energized. What most drugs have in common is giving people a feeling of escape from their current situation or environment. People often use hallucinogens to alter their perception. PCP is one such drug, and abusing it may lead to the need for PCP overdose treatment.

What Is PCP?

nicotine-rehabPCP goes by various names, with angel dust being the most well-known. When people use this illicit substance, they often feel calm and euphoric. Some people take it to experience “altered reality,” which may include hallucinations. It can take several hours for the effects of PCP to wear off. However, it may also be a full day or two before a person is back to normal.

People use PCP in different forms, which includes taking it as pills, snorting, smoking, or injecting it.

Although most people who abuse the drug use it recreationally, anyone can build up a tolerance to it. Their cravings for PCP can increase to the point where they become dependent, physically and psychologically.

Dangers of PCP Overdose

All too often, people take PCP with no idea of everything that’s actually in the drug. They might be buying from someone they don’t know, or accepting a dose from someone they think they can trust.

The need for PCP overdose treatment increases based on factors such as a person’s history with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as whether acquaintances frequently abuse the drug. The risk of overdose rises when people mix PCP with alcohol or other substances.

If someone overdoses on the drug, seeking immediate PCP overdose treatment is crucial.

The Need for PCP Overdose Treatment

How do you know someone needs PCP overdose treatment? Common signs include:

  • Catatonia
  • Loss of coordination
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Unusual breathing
  • Eye twitching

Hallucinogens very often produce overdose signs that are easy to recognize. The sooner you get someone into a PCP overdose treatment program, the more likely it is he or she will eventually recover.

Treatment protocols usually involve stabilizing the person and diagnosing him or her properly. PCP overdose patients often require sedation because the drug causes them to lash out violently. Medical staff may also administer medications that control seizures.

Without immediate treatment, people may suffer serious, lasting effects, including brain damage. Death is also a possibility. To avoid the traumatic outcome of PCP abuse, which may include overdose, consider getting into treatment for drug and alcohol dependency instead.

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