Do you struggle with an addiction to crystal meth? Maybe you’re at that point where you’re chasing a high that you can no longer achieve. Get out of the vicious cycle while you still can. Going through meth detox at a medically supervised rehab facility is the first step.

What Goes on During a Meth Detox?

meth-detoxOvercoming meth addiction calls for an inpatient detox. To get the most out of your experience, you should work with a meth detox center where therapists understand the withdrawal symptoms you’ll face. Usually, you start feeling the first twinges of the symptoms after about a day without using. You’re tired.

In fact, you’re more than just tired. You’re exhausted. You probably spend the first day of your meth detox sleeping a lot. Then, you get hungry.

The drug used to impair your appetite. As it leaves your body, you have an almost insatiable appetite. Nutritional food intake can help with your recovery. Then things take another turn.

Right around day two or three, you fall into a deep depression. Meth used to trigger a dopamine release. It’s no longer there to do that. Until your body reaches equilibrium, you feel the absence of dopamine.

Being in It for the Long Haul

You can detox from most drugs in three to seven days. This one’s different. At a meth detox center, therapists know that it might take a couple of weeks to overcome the symptoms. After the crash, you’re dealing with the cravings.

You’d do anything for another dose, but therapists help you to overcome this stage. Pharmacological support keeps you healthy and safe. It also prevents pain. In severe cases, medications also treat mood swings.

At this stage of the meth detox, you battle feelings of hopelessness and fear. You worry about living life without the drug. In fact, you don’t even remember how to go through your day without using. It’s time to ease into rehab.

Rehab after Meth Detox

The best meth detox center will offer detoxification and rehab onsite. Because of the high relapse potential, it’s vital to move on to rehab as soon as you’re over withdrawal. Your therapist customizes your care protocol. Examples of possible modalities include:

  • Individual therapy that helps you explore the reasons for your addiction
  • Group therapy as a method for honing coping skills and building self-esteem
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones to heal and learn how to become members of your support network
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders that affect drug abuse
  • Gender-specific treatment, which helps you feel safe and lets you build on your strengths
  • Pet therapy, which enables you to bring along a companion animal for assistance
  • Meditation as a means for overcoming stressors and living in the now

Do You Need a Center with an Executive Rehab Option?

Are you in an industry where you have a reputation to protect? Look for a meth detox center that offers executive rehab. It protects your confidentiality and privacy when you’re in a vulnerable position and need extra care.

An executive rehab setting provides this level of protection. You enjoy creature comforts that make the process a little more bearable. At the same time, staff members know how to shield your identity from others. It’s not unusual for clients to pay cash and use aliases in these settings.

Getting Help for a Meth Habit Today

Crystal meth destroys your health, life, and future. Whether you need a standard or executive level meth detox, get help today. At The Hills Treatment Center, you work with therapists who understand how to help people just like you. Call 844-915-0287 today to make a meaningful change in your life.