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Does someone you love suffer addiction to hydrocodone? This powerful opioid offered great promise to people with chronic pain, or those healing from injury or surgery. However, soon after its release to the market, doctors started realizing the true addictive nature of this “wonder painkiller.” Now, hydrocodone addiction rehab provides the only hope for recovery for those who abuse hydrocodone.

How to Help Someone You Love Find Hydrocodone Addiction Rehab

hydrocodone-addiction-rehabHydrocodone abuse leads to major health and social problems, making the need to find hydrocodone addiction rehab for your loved one urgent. To help your loved one understand the urgency of their situation, you need to say the right things and influence them onto the right path. You just need to start with understanding their problem, needs, and potential rehab programs that would suit them.

Being confrontational works with some people on television programs. However, these approaches actually have low rates of success behind closed doors and away from TV cameras. So consider approaching your loved one with more heart and patience, instead of a list of things they must do to maintain your support and caring. If you do choose intervention, try to engage the help of a professional from your chosen rehab facility.

Remain as positive and open as possible with your friend or loved one. Be encouraging of seeking help, but do not force the subject when your loved one is defensive or agitated. Remember that your friend or family member ultimately must make their own choice to enter rehab.

Stop enabling your loved one, such as in providing money for drugs or driving them to purchase hydrocodone. However, it’s still important to remain supportive in positive ways. Remind them that you stand behind them and will support them every step of the way into and during hydrocodone addiction rehab.

What to Look For

Your friend or family member needs a quality hydrocodone addiction rehab. So you must help them find one offering programs and services known to bring others success in recovery.

The best type of program is one offering both detox and rehab through one facility. This provides less opportunity for your loved one to leave detox without getting the rehab treatment needed for lasting sobriety. It also ensures their treatment for hydrocodone side effects is supportive, safe, and comforting.

Your chosen hydrocodone addiction rehab Los Angeles CA offers must also feel comfortable to your friend or relative. If they live a life of luxury and upscale amenities in the “real world,” they will most likely stick with a rehab program offering the same comforts. Also, ensure the program provides healthy nutrition, well-prepared meals, and privacy for your loved one. Look for relaxation benefits like yoga or massage, and a positive atmosphere where they can remain focused on their recovery.

If your loved one has a pet, the pet-friendly hydrocodone addiction rehab Los Angeles CA residents turn to encourages that pet’s presence in treatment. This is similar to engaging family members in recovery programs. Having a loved pet nearby helps many people stick with their rehab program.

Finally, ensure your chosen rehab provides the right mix of therapies for long-term recovery. These must include individual, group and family therapies, as well as a mix of behavioral, dual diagnosis and aftercare therapies.

The Best Hydrocodone Addiction Rehab Los Angeles CA Has to Offer

For people accustomed to luxury and privacy, The Hills Treatment Center in the Hollywood Hills provides multiple acres of privacy and comfort on the former celebrity estate. This confidential program is pet-friendly and encourages family participation.

Programs of The Hills Treatment Center’s hydrocodone addiction rehab Los Angeles CA include:

Together with The Hills Treatment Center, you can approach your loved one in the right way to encourage their entry into hydrocodone addiction rehab. Call The Hills now at 844-915-0287 to learn more about available programs in the Hollywood Hills.