Cocaine addiction is a serious problem facing people in the US today. If you or a loved one is experiencing cocaine abuse symptoms, consider enrolling at an addiction recovery center. Professional treatment that can help you stop abusing this drug and develop lifelong relapse prevention tools is available. You don’t have to remain at chronic risk for the serious consequences that come with cocaine abuse.

Cocaine Abuse is a Serious Matter

cocaine-abuse-symptoms-1Of all the psychoactive substances in the world, cocaine is one of the most addictive and dangerous. Finding this white powder is easy to do across the country, including both rural and metro areas. Because of its highly addictive nature, anyone who uses this drug is at risk for addiction.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that works by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. It causes users to experience a euphoric “high” that lasts between a few minutes and an hour. Because of its highly pleasing effects and tendency to wear off quickly, the drug can quickly lead to a state of perpetual drug seeking and abuse.

Long-term usage of cocaine can culminate in many adverse consequences, both physical and psychological. For example, use of the narcotic drug can lead to an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, death, disease, legal problems, and even jail time.

Recognizing Cocaine Abuse Symptoms in Yourself and Others

If you’re not sure whether your problem with cocaine has spiraled out of control, there are certain cocaine abuse symptoms to look for. If you or a loved one exhibit any of these symptoms, it might be time to seek a professional cocaine abuse program before it’s too late. Don’t sit by idly while your drug problem grows into something more dangerous and difficult to treat.

Some of the most common cocaine abuse symptoms include:

  • Increased agitation and irritability
  • Excessive and sudden enthusiasm
  • Lowered inhibitions and impulse control
  • Increased energy levels (hyperactivity)
  • Onset of cold-like symptoms, including possible nosebleeds
  • Muscle tics/spasms as well as other similar types of involuntary movements
  • Altered levels of concentration and focus

Cocaine abuse impacts people in different ways, so there are other cocaine abuse symptoms that can signal a potential problem. If you or your loved one shows any of these signs, find a quality cocaine abuse program before it’s too late. Doing so could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Seek Recovery at Our California Rehab

If you’re ready to fight your cocaine abuse symptoms with effective treatment, The Hills Treatment Center can help. Our drug rehab in Los Angeles, California, offers comprehensive substance abuse programs and therapies that help users achieve true and lasting change. Regardless of how long you’ve been abusing this drug, our cocaine abuse program can help you get sober and learn to maintain lifelong results.

Just a few of the programs and therapies that we offer at our full-service detox and rehab facility include:

Additionally, we are a pet-friendly facility where guests can enjoy an array of luxurious amenities and other home-like features. We also offer a full continuum of care approach to treatment that includes dual diagnosis therapy for those suffering from a co-occurring mental disorder. We truly have something to offer each and every person who entrusts us with their care.

Start Receiving Help for Your Drug Problem Today

Cocaine abuse is a challenging problem to overcome, but a full and lasting rehabilitation is possible. If you’re ready to commit to regaining your sobriety, chose our cocaine abuse program at The Hills Treatment Center in California. Our team of professionals is eager and ready to help you start working towards your long-term recovery goals. Learn more about this life-saving opportunity by calling The Hills today at 844-915-0287.