Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Signs of cocaine abuse can range from mild to deadly depending on how much of the substance is consumed. Cocaine is an addictive central nervous system stimulant that often requires cocaine addiction rehab treatment. Cocaine effects on the brain and body are short-lived, often lasting from 15 – 45 minutes. Due to short-term effects, users are constantly chasing the high, leading to increase usage and developing a higher tolerance. Although the effects of the drug do not last long, after-effects may provide signs of cocaine abuse.

Short-Term Effects

Cocaine causes many noticeable symptoms. One may notice red eyes, hyperactivity, inhibition of hunger and sleep, agitation, perspiration or chills, or runny noses. The most noticeable signs are uncharacteristically high energy, insomnia, and paranoia with heavy usage.

Long-Term Effects

As a cocaine user develops an addiction, more signs begin to become apparent. Cocaine addicts often isolate and have antisocial tendencies. Frequent irritability and aggression toward others are common signs of cocaine abuse, as the abuser focuses solely on getting high. Regular use also often causes anxiety, rapid weight loss, and nasal problems such as frequent nosebleeds or a deviated septum.

Withdrawal Symptoms

As a physically and psychologically addictive substance, heavy cocaine users often experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from cocaine may occur as soon as an hour after the last dose. This makes cocaine easier to spot, as heavy users may need another dose every hour, and may be disappearing to an isolate location to do just that. Upon withdrawing, the addict usually is very irritable, has trouble finding pleasure anywhere, is depressed or fatigued, and experiences intense cravings to use cocaine again. The human body becomes accustomed to having cocaine in it, and may behave strangely without it, which is noticeable in tremors or shakes, body temperature fluctuation, and sometimes confusion or psychosis. Contact The Hills Treatment Center to learn about our cocaine rehab program for both men and women suffering from substance abuse.