Benzodiazepine Medication Side Effects

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Benzodiazepine Medication is the brand name for the prescription medication alprazolam. As a benzodiazepine, it can be a dangerous and addictive substance. While many individuals consider taking Benzodiazepine Medication to be harmless, there are times where this is far from the truth. Benzodiazepine Medication side effects can create countless problems for users and their loved ones.

Why People Use Benzodiazepine Medication

There are several reasons why people might opt to take Benzodiazepine Medication. First, their physician may prescribe it. Second, individuals might self-diagnose and think that Benzodiazepine Medication is the medical solution. Third, and most dangerously, people might take Benzodiazepine Medication for recreational benefits.

Many physicians prescribe Benzodiazepine Medication to patients around the world. Typically, medical professionals recommend it for conditions such as social anxiety, panic attacks or seizures. However, they rarely recommend long-term or regular use.

Since many people know that Benzodiazepine Medication is an anti-anxiety medication, some opt to take the drug without medical recommendation. They might take old pills from a friend or purchase pills illegally. Many people who struggle with mental health disorders need more specific treatment in order to feel better.

Immediate Side Effects of Benzodiazepine Medication

Benzodiazepine Medication side effects can be almost immediate. This drug may begin working right away, but that means the side effects aren't far behind.

Right away, users may begin to notice that they have trouble speaking. Slurred speech and difficulty speaking at all is common. It can also reduce cognitive function. Additionally, Benzodiazepine Medication may reduce response time, which means that driving, exercising or even walking can be risky when under the influence of this drug.

Long-Term Benzodiazepine Medication Side Effects

Over time, the side effects of Benzodiazepine Medication only become more difficult to deal with. Benzodiazepine Medication side effects are more noticeable among those who take high doses or who take Benzodiazepine Medication for longer than six weeks.

Digestive issues are common with long-term Benzodiazepine Medication users. Constipation is likely, and many users experience drastic changes to their weight. Some individuals might also struggle with dehydration or urinary retention.

Drowsiness and headaches are also very common. Lethargy and a lack of motivation are likely. Many Benzodiazepine Medication users experience changes to their sex drive as well as a decreased ability to perform sexually. Benzodiazepine Medication can cause memory problems and worsening mental health conditions.

Arguably the biggest long-term side effect of Benzodiazepine Medication is an increase in tolerance and the potential for addiction. Over time, the body gets used to a set dose. This means users need to take more in order to feel the same way. Individuals may then develop an addiction to Benzodiazepine Medication.

The Risk of a Benzodiazepine Medication Overdose

As an individual’s tolerance increases and dosage rises, it’s possible for him or her to overdose on Benzodiazepine Medication. When this happens, the drug depresses the central nervous system. This can cause all vital systems in the body to slow down.

Signs of a Benzodiazepine Medication overdose might include blurred vision, drastically slurred speech or trouble breathing. In extreme cases, coma or even death is possible.

The Importance of Treatment

Benzodiazepine Medication addiction is not something that you can overcome on your own. Drug addiction recovery is key to successfully getting sober and then staying sober for a lifetime.

There’s no shortage of treatment centers and programs available, but finding the right one is harder to do. Look for a facility that offers all of the following:

  • Detox and rehab in one location
  • Convenient, private location
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment options
  • Dual diagnosis treatment as needed
  • Evidence-based treatment methods
  • Individual and group therapy

Get rid of Benzodiazepine Medication side effects once and for all by combating your dependence in a quality treatment facility. At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, you can begin your custom path to recovery. Call 844-915-0287 for the first step to lasting sobriety in Benzodiazepine Medication addiction rehab.