Signs of an Alcoholic

If you know someone with an alcohol addiction, it’s important to get him or her help right away. Unfortunately, those who suffer from alcohol addiction typically don’t want or think that they need help. It’s up to family and friends to spot signs of addiction within their loved ones. Below are a few signs of an alcoholic that people need to watch out for.

Signs of an Alcoholic

Remember that noticing these signs of an alcoholic doesn’t always mean that someone has an alcohol problem. It should, however, throw up red flags that something isn’t right.

Trying to Lie or Hide How Much They Drink

signs-of-an-alcoholicWhen people lie about or hide how much they drink, they’re already self-aware that something is wrong. They want to hide it from the rest of their family members and friends. That’s why they attempt to cover up their drinking habits.

Other times, people lie about their drinking problems because they’re in denial themselves. They start to believe their own lies.

Unfortunately, lying about and hiding drinking habits are some of the hardest signs of an alcoholic to catch. Eventually, the truth comes out. When it does, people must act fast and get their loved ones into rehab as soon as possible.

Regular Blackouts

Having no memory of the night before because of drinking too much is never a good sign. Experts call this lapse in memory a blackout. It’s never good for people to have blackouts, but it can happen when they drink heavily.

Since blackouts only occur when people drink too much, having them regularly is a warning sign. It’s important for people to remember that they don’t have to black out to have a good time. Blacking out from drinking on a regular basis means that they drink too much, too often and need help.

Can’t Stop Drinking Once They Start

Most people enjoy a drink or two when they hang out with friends. Do you notice that your friend or loved one can’t stop after one or two? Those who don’t have a drinking problem can control themselves. Those who do have a drinking problem typically can’t stop once they start.

If families think that loved ones have a drinking problem, they should pay close attention when they start drinking. Do they continue to drink long after others stop? Do they keep drinking even after others warn them that they’ve had too much? If so, these are warning signs of a much bigger problem.

Drinking Despite the Backlash

Most people like to avoid trouble when possible. However, those who have a problem drink no matter the outcome. For example, they could put their lives in danger and drive while drunk. They drink despite the backlash that it might cause if they crash.

Others drink despite the problems that it causes in their marriages and with their families. Even if their marriage ends in divorce, they keep drinking because they don’t know how to stop. Heavy drinkers may even use the divorce as an excuse to continue their drinking habits.

Let The Hills Treatment Center Help Your Loved One Stop Drinking

Pay close attention to these signs of an alcoholic. If you notice them in your loved one, it’s important to get help. The quicker that you do, the better chance that your loved one has of beating addiction. Some of the programs that we have at The Hills Treatment Center include:

We offer a wide range of therapies too. We believe that therapy plays an important role in helping people overcome addiction. Our center offers evidence-based therapy programs such as group and individual therapy. Our holistic methods aid relaxation and relieve stress.

Learn more about the signs of an alcoholic with our support and guidance. Let The Hills Treatment Center teach you how to put an end to alcohol abuse. Call 844-915-0287 now for more information.