Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Dating-an-Alcoholic-Featured-ImageKnow The Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is a disabling addiction to alcohol. Many in social situations commonly consume alcohol, but some people develop a dependency and thus show signs of alcohol addiction. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 140 million alcoholics worldwide.

The path to alcoholism begins with moderate drinking. As one consumes larger amounts of alcohol more frequently, addiction develops. As one moves into the stages of dependency, signs of alcohol abuse become apparent.

One sign of alcoholism is alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is the human body’s way of saying that the individual has ingested more alcohol than can be metabolized. One of the first signs of alcohol poisoning is nausea or vomiting. One also may experience unconsciousness, confusion, difficulty awakening, and an unresponsiveness to touch stimulus. Frequent experiences with alcohol poisoning are a good indication of alcoholism.

Another common sign of alcoholism is a change in values. This may often be seen as a lack of responsibilities in daily life, such as poor work or school performance, less care and attention for loved ones, or failure to follow through with commitments due to intoxication. Things that were once important to the individual lose their value as acquiring alcohol and being drunk become their primary purpose.

Finally, a sure sign of an alcoholic is the disregard of all negative consequences of their drinking. As serious problems arise in the everyday life of the alcoholic, they go into a stage of denial that alcohol is the problem. They continue drinking heavily, even though it is apparent to all those around them that alcohol has created a major disturbance in their life. If any of the above have happened to you or a loved one alcohol addiction rehab may necessary. Contact The Hills Treatment Center to learn more about our substance abuse treatments today.