Rehab For Alcoholism

How-to-Help-an-Alcoholic-Featured-Image-768x511Rehab for Alcoholism is necessary for alcohol addiction; a chronic disease that affects millions of Americans. This disease is characterized by a compulsive, uncontrollable consumption of alcohol, despite negative consequences to the drinker’s physical and mental health. Long-term alcohol abuse results in physiological changes in the brain, causing tolerance and physical dependence. These symptoms can make it extremely difficult to quit drinking. Physical symptoms of alcoholism are just as dangerous and may result in liver damage, heart disease and sexual dysfunction. Besides changes to the body and brain, alcoholism can also cause difficult psychiatric symptoms including depression, increased anxiety, and confusion. Understanding the cycle of alcoholism can help you break it. This cycle consists of tolerance, withdrawal and excessive use. The best way to break it is to enter rehab for alcoholism.

Rehab for Alcoholism – Breaking the Cycle

When an alcoholic first enters rehab for alcoholism, they undergo a medically supervised detox. Since alcohol withdrawal treatment can be dangerous and sometimes fatal, it is important to be under medical care. After the initial detox, patients meet with addiction therapists and psychiatrists. Often times, physicians prescribe non-addictive medication to help with the initial depression that withdrawing from alcoholism produces. In addition to individual therapy sessions, patients participate in group therapy. Group therapy sessions cover topics such as codependency, relapse prevention, and anger management. Patients also work 12-step programs such as alcoholics anonymous. 12-step programs incorporate unity, fellowship, and spirituality to help addicts stay sober.

Alcoholism rehabs are highly structured and can last up to 12 months. Patients in these rehabs may include those with long histories of alcoholism and drug addiction. Although most alcohol rehabs have 30-day minimums, studies have shown that the longer a patient stays in residential care, the greater their chances are of staying sober. Alcoholism rehabs can be easily found throughout the United States. The first step towards leading a sober life is to seek help at an alcoholism rehab. Call 844-915-0287 to learn more about breaking this cycle and staying sober.