Alcohol Recovery

alcoholic-recoveryAlthough alcohol recovery is hard work, it’s one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever achieve. You simply need to invest your time, energy, strength, and support system to gain the lasting sobriety you want.

While your journey is uniquely yours, you will experience some common stages. These stages include pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and transcendence.


During the pre-contemplation stage, you start to see the effects that alcohol has on your life. You see that it has caused relationships, financial, and legal problems. Physically, you feel nausea, restlessness, sweating, shakiness, and insomnia.

Sadly, feeling these effects in pre-contemplation still isn’t enough to make you change your lifestyle. You may continue being defensive about drinking and not move to the next stage until something major wakes you up to your problems.


During contemplation, you’re considering making changes in your life. However, you still feel somewhat numb to the reality of your drinking and its effects. You talk to loved ones about alcohol recovery and you feel safe being honest.


Stage three, preparation, includes moving toward recovery. You have decided to change your life. Preparation allows you to gain an understanding of what alcohol recovery entails, and you’ve become open to getting treatment. However, this doesn’t mean you’re jumping into recovery without fear or grief.


Preparation literally prepares your mind for recovery, while the action stage is where your body starts moving. By this time, you’ve made up your mind. Not only do you want support from loved ones, but you’re also ready to embrace help from a quality addiction treatment center. When gaining treatment, you must engage in your rehab program and make real-life changes. You also need to study and practice relapse prevention on an ongoing basis.


After treatment ends, you have to practice what you learned in rehab in order to stay sober. While this is an exciting time when you experience new freedoms, you’ll also face temptations, challenges, and emotional changes. For your strongest recovery and best chance of lasting sobriety, this is a time for using all of your learned coping and relapse prevention skills.


During the final stage of alcohol recovery, alcohol’s absence no longer affects your daily life. Your recovery may be different, but most people feel this after about five years of sobriety. It’s a wonderful awakening, knowing that alcohol no longer holds you in its clutches. You’re free to have the life you really want without looking back.

The Hills Understands Your Alcohol Recovery Journey

At The Hills Treatment Center in the beautiful Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, your recovery begins. The Hills is a full-service, pet-friendly detox and alcohol addiction rehab center providing one-to-one staffing, sober companions, and luxury addiction treatment.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

People from California, Florida, Georgia, New York and other parts of the country come to The Hills for individualized addiction treatment. Programs provide a full continuum of care that includes dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring conditions. Rehab at The Hills features life skills training, job placement, personalized care, and access to optional off-site group meetings if desired.

Alcohol addiction isn’t a lifestyle. It’s a slow road to destruction for yourself and those who love you. Call The Hills now at 844-915-0287 for information about our substance abuse treatments.