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Here at The Hills Center, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs to help you recover from addiction. Each person who comes through our facility has different needs, so we want to give you options. This individualized type of treatment ensures that when you come to treatment, you’re getting what you need. Some of our offerings include:

  • Multiple levels of care
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Aftercare support

Addiction Treatment Programs with Multiple Levels of Care

As you research different treatment centers, you may see many options for drug and alcohol rehab programs. You’ll come across words like residential, detox, IOP, PHP and others, which can be confusing and overwhelming. These are different levels of care, and each one serves a specific need for your recovery. Studies show that you have the best chances of staying clean and sober if you transition through these programs.

You begin in the detox program where you’ll kick your physical dependence. From there, you’ll transition to the residential level of care where you live at the facility and have structured days. Residential rehab may seem like a big commitment, but it’s extremely important for your early recovery. Those who try to bypass residential treatment generally don’t receive the support they need to focus on themselves and recover.

Family Addiction Treatment Programs

In your active addiction, you may have hurt the people who love you the most in different ways. Often, family members don’t understand how addiction works, which can be a large part of the problem. Through family therapy at The Hills Center, we aim to educate you and your family about the disease of addiction. After that, we can begin looking at your different family dynamics to help every member of the family heal.

During these types of sessions, your family will learn how they can work together to support your recovery. This may involve showing you patience and love as you return home from treatment and begin adjusting. We’ll also work with you and any emotional issues you have towards your family or friends. Part of recovery is learning how to change your old behaviors, so we’ll assist you in doing just that.

Aftercare Addiction Treatment Programs

A big misconception about going to addiction treatment programs is that you’re done when treatment ends. Addiction is an incurable illness, but in order to keep it at bay, you must continue working on yourself. The Hills Treatment Center provides our clients with various types of aftercare programs to support your recovery. This allows you to have a place to turn to if going back home, to work or school becomes overwhelming.

The Hills Treatment Center also offers sober companion services to help you post-discharge. As new challenges begin to come your way in the real world, you’ll have a trained professional who can help. Knowing that you have access to someone who can support you after treatment may give you some peace of mind. No matter what type of real-life stresses come your way, your companion will help you stay sober.

Find out more about how the addiction treatment programs at The Hills Treatment Center can help you by calling us today at 844-915-0287.