Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

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woman drinking coffee goes through suboxone withdrawal

Addiction treatment facilities often use Suboxone to help people struggling through opiate withdrawal. That doesn’t mean that Suboxone is safe to continuously use, though. People who abuse Suboxone can develop an addiction to it. That means they’ll likely experience Suboxone withdrawal when they stop abusing the drug.

What Does Suboxone Withdrawal Look Like?

There are several physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that result from Suboxone abuse. These symptoms are usually at their most severe 72 hours after you’ve stopped taking Suboxone. You may struggle with some symptoms for a month or longer though. Some symptoms of Suboxone abuse withdrawal include:

  • woman drinking coffee goes through suboxone withdrawalNausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches
  • Indigestion
  • Irritability
  • Depression

In most cases, withdrawal isn’t life-threatening. The withdrawal process isn’t easy though. People who struggle through withdrawal usually have to deal with extreme physical and psychological discomfort. Their discomfort can lead them back to Suboxone abuse if they don’t manage their symptoms properly.

Managing Suboxone Withdrawal

People will have a difficult time managing the symptoms of Suboxone withdrawal alone. The symptoms they experience are too intense to manage without help. Some people who do try to detox alone wind up relapsing. It’s the only way they feel like they can alleviate withdrawal pains.

Detox centers help their clients work through withdrawal. Properly trained staff members at a detox center can offer support and care that actually helps people stay sober through any discomfort they face. Detox centers also design their facilities to be relaxing. Many detox centers offer massage therapy, yoga, physical fitness programs, and more in order to help their patients feel as relaxed as possible during their stay.

Get Help With Suboxone Withdrawal And Beyond

If you need to go through Suboxone treatment, you’ll need assistance beyond withdrawal. Detox isn’t going to be enough to keep you sober for years to come. The best detox centers will help you transition to the next stage of addiction treatment.

At The Hills Treatment Center, we’ll offer you support beyond our detox programs. We provide programs that help you during different stages of your recovery process. Along with detox, we can help you through our various treatment programs such as:

Even if you’ve gone through addiction treatment before, you can get help at The Hills Treatment Center. We’ll provide you with the care and treatment that will help you get and stay sober. Don’t keep struggling alone. Call us today at 844-915-0287, and we’ll start your road to recovery together.

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