Strategic Family Therapy for Addiction

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Two parents and their teen daughter participate in strategic family therapy

Drug and alcohol addiction often develop from lack of ability to cope. In many cases, this stems from unresolved family problems or trauma. Because substance abuse impacts not only the user but those around him or her, strategic family therapy is beneficial during rehab. In treatment, everyone in the family can work on healing rifts that addiction has deepened.

The Need for Family Therapy

Two parents and their teen daughter participate in strategic family therapyPeople who abuse drugs and alcohol often feel alone and abandoned. They turn to substances to cope with these negative emotions, while their loved ones often don’t know what to do to help them.

Some family members enable users by covering for them or blaming themselves. Others try to manipulate people to stop using. These tactics won’t work, because they don’t allow the person suffering from addiction to take accountability for his or her actions.

In addition, substance abuse can damage family relationships. The dishonesty and denial that accompany addiction take a serious toll on the health of the family unit.

It’s rarely enough to only treat the person who abuses drugs and alcohol — his or her loved ones need healing, too.

Strategic Family Therapy for Addiction Treatment

In a family therapy program, everyone can come together to support their loved one in rehab. They’ll also participate by learning more about addiction. Understanding this disease helps people better understand why their loved ones abuse drugs and alcohol. Family members must also accept their role in any dysfunctional behaviors.

It’s important to realize that family dynamics will have to change to help the user.

Because family members often feel angry, confused, ashamed, guilty, and/or sad, they have to work through these emotions as well. Strategic family therapy gives loved ones the space to express themselves openly, perhaps for the first time.

Therapy also involves forgiveness. The individual must be willing to forgive his or her family as well as ask for forgiveness. The same applies to his or her loved ones.

Going through family treatment isn’t easy, but it can lead to a much more fulfilling relationship between everyone. It can heal old wounds and bring you and your loved ones closer than you’ve ever been.

World-Class Addiction Treatment

At The Hills Treatment Center, we believe that strategic family therapy helps set the stage for lasting sobriety. At our full-service, luxury detox and rehab facility, caring professionals provide the confidential care that you or a loved one deserves.

Enjoy the luxury surroundings and amenities you’re accustomed to as you recover from alcohol or prescription pill dependency. We offer treatment for various addictions, including heroin, meth, and more.

The treatment programs we offer include:

It’s time to heal those bonds broken by drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today to receive the personalized service you need at 844-915-0287.

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