3 Stages of Recovery

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woman with head on hand goes through stages of recovery

Addiction recovery is a long process, and there’s no fast or easy way to become sober. However, these three stages of recovery that can help you stay on the path to lifelong sobriety. Understanding the steps can help you feel prepared for the journey to recovery.


woman with head on hand goes through stages of recoveryOf the three stages of recovery, detox is typically the one that’s the most physically taxing.

Most people who struggle with drug abuse and addiction have a chemical dependency. People who have that dependency need the drug in order to feel normal. If they go without drugs for a long enough time, the person will go through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms differ from person to person, and they depend on a few key factors:

  • What substance they’re taking
  • How long they’ve been taking it
  • How much of the drug they take during each session

Detox helps people work through the pains of withdrawal. Some detox programs offer medications to their clients that help ease the withdrawal process. During that time, detox programs may also provide their clients with massage therapy, yoga, high-quality food, and a comfortable setting to recover in. Some detox programs even offer one-on-one consultations that will help them prepare for the next stages of recovery.


After detox, people immediately move on to rehab.

During rehab, clients learn how to cope with life’s struggles without addictive substances. People in rehab enter treatment programs that help them get and stay sober. Some rehab centers offer their clients a mix of programs that help them adapt mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some treatment programs include:

Usually, clients start with inpatient rehab. This means they live at the treatment center as they go through programs. As they adapt to life without addictive substances, they’re able to transition into outpatient rehab, and then the last stage of recovery.


After detox and rehab, people move into their everyday lives in recovery. That doesn’t mean the recovery process is over, though.

Outside treatment, there will be triggers and cravings for drugs. In order to stay sober, people have to use the coping skills they learned during detox and rehab. That may include relying on others to help them stay sober. Some addiction treatment centers help with educating and facilitating relationships between loved ones.

Many recovery centers also offer aftercare treatment. This keeps clients connected with the people that helped them during detox and rehab. This connection and support system helps them stay sober after they’ve left treatment.

A Treatment Center That Offers You Programs Through All The Stages Of Recovery

At The Hills Treatment Center, we provide care through every stage of recovery. From detox to aftercare and beyond, we can help you get and stay sober.

Your addiction doesn’t have to control your life. Call The Hills Treatment Center at 844-915-0287 and start your recovery today.

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