Solidifying Your Sobriety with Sober Living

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Happy young woman in a sober living program

Happy young woman in a sober living program

Many of us alcoholics and addicts do not know how to function normally with or without our substances in everyday life. The process of changing our destructive lifestyles to healthy and productive ones is not easy. To come out of institutions and go back to where we came from and stay sober can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible without support. Fortunately Sober Living is an option for those of us who are not ready to go back into the world without a support group to help us. Sober living is like a bubble that shields us from the outside world while integrating us at the same time. We get to live with people who have the same problems as we do and understand our struggle. If you’ve ever had a fish tank, you know you cannot just put a new fish directly into the tank. You have to keep the fish in its bag inside the tank while it adjusts to the temperature before you release it. Sober Living does the same thing. It gives you the support in a safe environment while helping you adjust to being sober and developing the skills and tools you need to go out into the world.

What is Sober Living? 

In sober living you are surrounded by alcoholics and addicts like yourself who will support and help you through this process. One of the most important things of sober living is the sense of community, and knowing you are not fighting this disease alone. These people may become your friends or people who will hold you accountable for your actions. You are much less likely to go out if there are people who care about and would be disappointed if you were to relapse. Your peers in sober living need your support as much as you need theirs even it does not seem that way, and your relapse will affect the people around you in negative ways. Thinking and working with others is one of the greatest ways to get you out of your own head and dangerous isolation. When you think only of yourself and are selfish and self-centered it does not help anyone. The first step of AA is to admit you are powerless to your disease. If you are the one in control, in reality it may be your disease that is driving you.

Sober living is a great way to transition into a healthy productive lifestyle without drugs or alcohol. The community of other recovering alcoholics and addicts will keep you from being isolated and give you a good sober network for support and help working your steps. You can learn to have fun without drugs with your fellow sober living friends. You may have chores and a structured schedule but this will help you become more responsible and accountable. You can attend meetings regularly if not every day with your new sober friends and strengthen your sober network. You may not have complete freedom but some of us are not ready for that and sober living is a great way to transition us back to our regular lives.

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