5 Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas

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Friends trying out sober new year's eve ideas

Whether you’re a recovering alcoholic or want to avoid alcohol for religious or health reasons, New Year’s Eve can be difficult. This time of year is full of parties and toasts where alcohol flows freely, so temptation is out in full force. However, these sober New Year’s Eve ideas can make the holiday a little easier.

Attend Support Group Meetings

4 friends with sparklers - sober New Year's Eve ideasIn the week leading up to New Year’s Eve, it can help to attend several meetings with your support group. They understand how hard it is to get through the holiday without drinking. Many of them have gone through it themselves and likely have useful tips!

Many other members will probably have the same idea, so you’ll be in good company. They’ll want to get the encouragement and strength that they’ll need to get through the holiday. This is especially true if they spend time with family members who don’t understand how addiction works and continue to offer them drinks.

Many support groups also have meetings throughout New Year’s Eve day. This gives members a place to go and people to talk to if the celebrations become too much to handle. Rather than give in to temptation, skip the party for an hour to attend a meeting, then return to the party when you’re ready. Some support groups even throw their own parties.

Request Virgin Drinks

There are tons of fun options for non-alcoholic drinks! Along with giving kids a way to join in the fun, virgin cocktails are a great way to still have fun with friends and family. If you’re at a party where there’s no menu, ask the bartender if he can make you a yummy alcohol-free drink.

Before the party, you could suggest having non-alcoholic drinks to the host. If this isn’t possible or you feel uncomfortable doing it, take your own drink to be on the safe side. Bring bottled water, juice or soda with you. Sparkling grape juice is always a festive choice too.

Eat Before You Go

Researchers have discovered that the same chemicals in the brain that control addictive behaviors also control overeating. Eating before a New Year’s Eve party reduces your likelihood of partaking in the food or drinks provided. This is particularly beneficial if there are no virgin drinks available. If you’re afraid of getting hungry during the party, take a healthy snack to go with your alcohol-free drink.

Take a Sober Friend

You might have a few friends or family members who understand how addiction works and are part of your support system. Having someone at your side during a party is the ultimate encouragement during the holiday season.

If you don’t have understanding friends or family, you probably meet with a support group on a regular basis. Ask a member or two to join you at a party, or go to a party with them. You could also take your sponsor.

Host Your Own Party

One of the best sober New Year’s Eve ideas is throwing your own party. When you’re at the helm, you have control over the foods, drinks and activities. Get a range of non-alcoholic drinks such as fancy juices, ginger beer and flavored ice tea. Let your guests know what you’ll have so that they can bring their own alcoholic beverages if you’re comfortable with that.

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