4 Signs of Prescription Amphetamine Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in cities all over the United States. While prescription painkiller addiction is the worst, people abuse other prescription drugs as well. One example is Prescription Amphetamine. Below are four signs of Prescription Amphetamine abuse that could manifest in those who use it.

Signs of Prescription Amphetamine Abuse

A man holds his hand to his face next to a spilled bottle of pills as a representation of signs of Prescription Amphetamine abusePrescription Amphetamine is a prescription medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Oddly enough, the drug is a very potent stimulant. When people who don’t have ADHD take the drug, they have more energy and better focus. Here are a few signs that someone abuses Prescription Amphetamine.

Taking More of the Drug Than the Prescription

One clear sign that people are abusing this drug is that they take more than their doctors prescribe. This holds true for not only Prescription Amphetamine but also other prescription drugs. People start taking more because they build up a tolerance. The more that they take, the higher that their tolerance gets.

Shows Signs of Withdrawal

People who abuse drugs eventually develop an addiction. If they abuse Prescription Amphetamine and then stop taking it, they experience withdrawal symptoms. These effects are a clear sign that they have an Prescription Amphetamine abuse problem and need professional help. The longer that they abuse the drug, the more extreme that their symptoms will be.

Aggressive and Psychotic Behaviors

Taking a prescription drug such as Prescription Amphetamine changes the chemical balance in the brain. Sometimes this chemical imbalance causes psychotic or aggressive behaviors. These are clear indications of a prescription drug abuse problem. It’s an even bigger warning sign when these behaviors are out of the norm for those individuals.

Lifestyle Changes

Drugs change people in odd ways. They can even make people do things that are out of character. Extreme lifestyle changes are typically signs of drug abuse. When loved ones change their lifestyles dramatically, including who they hang out with, they might have a drug problem.

However, not all lifestyle changes mean that people abuse drugs. Sometimes they change their habits for the better. Lifestyle changes are a red flag when they become destructive.

Fight Back Against Prescription Amphetamine Addiction Today

Do you or a loved one show signs of Prescription Amphetamine abuse? If so, the best course of action is to visit an Prescription Amphetamine rehab center right away. At The Hills Treatment Center, we can help you overcome Prescription Amphetamine drug abuse. Some of the many programs that we offer include:

Learn more signs of Prescription Amphetamine abuse. Let us help you kick the habit of abusing this drug. Reach out to our friendly staff at 844-915-0287 for more information.

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