Common Signs of Cocaine Addiction

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signs of cocaine addiction

Due to cocaine’s relatively high price, this addictive drug carries a certain mystique. Known as the caviar of street drugs, it also negatively impacts your body and mind. Its psychologically addictive properties make it hard to get clean once you start using it. Because of this, it’s important for people to know the common signs of cocaine addiction.

Forms of Cocaine

signs of cocaine addictionThere are two main forms of cocaine, both of which come from the leaves of the coca bush found in South America. People refer to the powdered form of cocaine as “blow” or “coke”. They call the crystal form crack cocaine, which also has the street names “rock” and “crack”.

Individuals who use powdered cocaine usually inject or snort the drug. On the other hand, crack cocaine is made through a chemical process that leaves it in a freebase form. Because of this, users are able to heat and smoke the drug.

Nearly 14% of adults in the United States use cocaine. In fact, one out of every 40 adults admits to using the drug within the past year. Unfortunately, health experts believe that number is on the rise.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

The sooner individuals seek cocaine addiction treatment, the easier it becomes to fight the addiction. Unfortunately, people with a cocaine addiction typically don’t seek help themselves. This leaves it up to family and friends to spot the signs of cocaine addiction. Common signs include:

  • Hyperactivity or increased movement
  • Changes in focus or concentration
  • Muscle tics or involuntary muscle movements
  • Effusive enthusiasm
  • Increased agitation

How Cocaine Affects the Brain

While the effects of cocaine on the body are well known, cocaine also has long-term effects on the brain. It affects chemical signals that neurotransmitters send between the brain and other parts of the body. This is why long-term cocaine use typically leads to erratic behavior.

Studies also show that cocaine use leads to psychotic symptoms. In fact, some even show links between cocaine abuse and new onset attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Getting Help for Cocaine Addiction at The Hills Treatment Center

Located in the Hollywood Hills, The Hills Treatment Center specializes in detox and addiction recovery. Our goal is to provide clients with plans that cater to their individual needs. Creating a plan that fits your needs provides you with the best chance of achieving sustainable sobriety.

We provide treatment programs for cocaine and other substance abuse issues. Within those programs, we use various therapeutic techniques to get to discover the underlying reasons behind your addiction. Some of these therapies include:

  • Brief motivational therapy
  • Family-based therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual therapy

Don’t let signs of cocaine addiction define the rest of your life. Instead, get the help that you need to start your recovery journey. Call The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287.

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