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woman shows signs of addiction

One of the reasons people stay in active addiction for so long is because they often don’t know how to spot the signs of addiction. Addiction doesn’t always look how you think it should, which means there won’t always be obvious signs. If you think you might have a problem, this will help you discover if you have an addiction problem. Additionally, understanding these signs can help anyone out there who is concerned that his or her loved one might have a problem.

Signs of Addiction to Alcohol

woman shows signs of addictionWhen people think about addiction, they often think of the opioid epidemic or hard drug addiction. However, it’s vital to learn how to spot the signs of alcohol addiction because alcoholism is still a big problem. Thousands of people each year die from complications as a result of alcoholism and alcohol-related accidents. The issue is that since alcohol is legal, it often takes longer to notice that there’s a problem.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Once you start drinking, is it difficult to stop or moderate?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking?
  • Have friends, family or coworkers approached you about how much you drink?
  • Do you experience symptoms of withdrawal if you don’t drink?

Signs of Addiction for Prescription Medications

It can also difficult to recognize the signs of a prescription drug addiction because many times, people receive these prescriptions from a doctor. The addicted mind will justify and rationalize the abuse of these medications. The reality is that prescription drug overdoses are a big problem in the United States—often bigger than illicit drugs. This is why it’s so important to see the signs as they progress.

The first sign of prescription drug addiction is the abuse of the medication, which typically means taking more than what the physician prescribes. Then, a person may begin seeing multiple doctors or going to emergency rooms in order to get more prescriptions. Eventually, he or she may begin stealing medications from friends and family members whenever possible. There comes a point where the person eventually starts buying the medications from drug dealers as well.

Getting Help for Addiction

Whether you’re noticing the signs of drug or alcohol addiction, The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California is here to help you or your loved one begin to regain control. In most cases, the person abusing drugs or alcohol is looking for a way to deal with life on life’s terms or symptoms of mental illness. Our goal at The Hills is to teach our clients to deal with all the difficulties of life in a much healthier way. By doing this, our clients see that they never have to go back to the way they were living.

Our facility offers a wide range of programs including:

Call us today at 844-915-0287 to find out more about these programs as well as many more.

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