Should I Detox at Home?

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Man struggling to detox at home

The first step to beating a serious drug addiction is drug detox. The drug detoxification process can be extremely difficult, mentally, physically and emotionally. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, they become dependent on the substance in a variety of ways. First, there is the mental emotional dependence – using a substance to feel a certain way. Next, there is the physical dependence, in which the body must have drugs or alcohol to function. After a while, the body and minds simply cannot function without drugs or alcohol – and when a person attempts to quit, they can be put into severe emotional, mental and physical distress.

The Dangers of At Home Detox

Man struggling to detox at home

The idea of doing an at-home detox can seem like a good one, until you start to really consider all the factors. Detoxification is an extremely intense process, and few patients understand just how difficult – or dangerous – it is to go it alone. You often hear about addicts who think they are going to “lock themselves in a room” for a week and detox. No matter how strong the desire to get clean is, at home detox seldom works. Detoxification can be extremely painful and scary. Detox patients can suffer from chills, sweats, severe nausea, full body pain, intense headaches, tremors and seizures. A patient can be disoriented, delusional, and violent and suffer from extreme anxiety, stress and depression. These severe symptoms can lead to dangerous medical conditions and without the care of medical professionals, could place a patient’s health in jeopardy. Often, people attempting to detox at home end of relapsing because they simply can’t handle the physical, mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms. They can also become a risk to themselves and others.

Drug Detox Centers

Drug detox centers are proven to be an effective way for addicts to detox from drugs and alcohol in a safe way. At a drug detox center, a patients is assessed and a detoxification plan is created specifically for their unique needs. A plan is put into place to safely and effectively help rid the body of toxins and manage pain. These medically guided detoxification treatment options include the use of saunas to help the body sweat and release toxins that have been built up in the internal organs, medication to help manage pain and medication to help the body ease off of severe drug addiction. An addition, counseling, therapy and support therapy techniques are used to help a patient manage the complex emotional issues and mental stress and pain that can arise during the alcohol and drug detox process. Finally, drug detox centers are a safe and comfortable place, where a patient is completely removed from the stresses, influences and stress of the outside world. Each day is focused completely on detoxification and recovery, which greatly improves an addict’s chances of complete recovery.

Drug Detox Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a safe and effective center for drug detox, Los Angeles’ The Hills Treatment Center is a top private detox center with a high success rate for helping addicts detox from drugs and alcohol and overcome their addictions. The Hills Treatment Center is a luxury drug rehab and detox center that offers comfortable sleeping arrangements, one on one staff, world class meals and support therapies such as massage and yoga. To learn more about The Hills Treatment Center’s private detox center, visit our website for more information.

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