Ten Questions to Ask When Selecting Inpatient Treatment Center

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Woman selecting an inpatient treatment center

Selecting Inpatient Treatment

Woman selecting inpatient treatment

Selecting Inpatient Treatment can be confusing and time consuming.   In 2012, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University published a special report on the state of substance abuse treatment in the U.S. The results, based on five years of study, provided many insights into the extent of the nation’s substance abusers and the various treatments available to them.

Among the factual findings, the Center disclosed that: 

  • 40 million Americans age 12 and over meet the clinical criteria for addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs.
  • There are more people meeting the clinical criteria for addiction than the number of people with heart conditions, diabetes or cancer.
  • 80 million Americans fall into the category of risky substance users, defined as those who are not addicted, but use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in ways that threaten public health and safety.

The methodology used to determine the result is formidable and included:

  • A review of more than 7,000 publications
  • Analyses of 5 national data sets
  • Interviews with and suggestions from 176 leading experts in a broad range of fields relevant to the report
  • Focus groups and a national general population survey of 1,303 adults about their attitudes and beliefs related to addiction and its treatment
  • Two New York State surveys of addiction treatment providers
  • An online survey of 1,142 members of professional associations involved in addiction care
  • An online survey of 360 individuals with a history of addiction
  • Analyses of state and federal governments’ and professional associations’ licensing and certification requirements for treatment providers
  • A case study of addiction treatment in New York State and New York City

To those who struggle with substance abuse, and to their loved ones, the millions of other people are mere anecdotes to the daily challenges they face. Upon reviewing this report, the staff at The Hills is providing guidance in the form of the Ten Questions to Ask When Selecting an Inpatient Treatment Center:

  1.  Is the facility focused on programs for lasting recovery?
  2.  Does the staff of the facility include members who have overcome substance abuse and have achieved lasting recovery?
  3. Many of those addicted to drugs are also suffering from an emotional disorder or mental illness. Does the facility have a program to treat those with this “dual diagnosis?”
  4. Is there a program that treats younger adults who may be attending a college or university?
  5. Discretion is extremely important. Does the facility take the necessary steps to protect patient privacy?
  6. Is the facility on the leading edge of substance abuse treatment options?
  7. Does the facility have a 24-hour, fully staffed and supervised program?
  8. Does the facility provide a comprehensive after care program?
  9. Does the facility offer amenities so that the surroundings become supportive instead of a distraction?
  10. Is there a family education program to help loved ones understand and cope with what is usually an extremely stressful situation?

At The Hills, we are pleased to report that our answer to each of these important questions is “Yes.”

If you or a loved one seek confidential, experienced inpatient treatment for addiction treatment, call The Hills today to ask questions or to tour our facility: (844) 915-0287 or click here or click here to contact us online.

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