Our detoxification program includes not only highly trained staff to assist you in your process twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, but also provides consultations and guidance with top leaders in the field of addiction medicine to prepare you for the treatment programs.

Residential Program

The Hills’ residential treatment center incorporates the finest of therapeutic and clinical services in a modern, well-appointed urban setting. Inpatient treatment is often the first step to living a life in recovery. Here, you’ll be given the necessary tools and support to succeed in living a sober life.

Partial Treatment

Partial treatment may be an option for a patient who has completed our residential program or for someone who has come from another residential or hospital program. In partial treatment, the client participates in all the activities except sleeping at the facility.

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Intensive Outpatient

One of the most challenging aspects of rehabilitation is continued support and sobriety following stays in inpatient drug treatment programs. The Hills Treatment Center understands the importance of alcohol and drug outpatient rehab programs in the continuing success of our rehabilitating patients.

Sober Companion

For many, returning home after inpatient drug treatment programs is extremely difficult. Some people find themselves back in the same setting and lifestyle that they were in before getting sober and come into contact with many triggers and stressors.

Sober Living

In addition to our main facility, The Hills Treatment Center works with three separate sober living facilities throughout the Hollywood and Los Angeles Area. These sober living facilities are recommended to certain clients who are transitioning from our residential drug treatment programs to enjoy the same superb amenities that they’ve grown accustomed to receiving. We approve of the structure and rules assigned to these sober living facilities.