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Private addiction rehab group therapy session

Recovering from an addiction is an extremely sensitive and private process. A private addiction rehab offers an addict a safe and comfortable place to recover and heal on their own terms. When it comes to hesitations related to addiction rehab, most people fear they will be exposed and their addictions and secrets laid out for the world to see. Others worry that they will not have any “alone time” and will have little to no privacy. With a private addiction rehab, a patient’s privacy is respected and their needs are met in a respectful and comfortable manner, paying special attention to personal boundaries and their specific recovery needs.

Private Alcohol and Drug Detox

Private addiction rehab group therapy sessionThe process of alcohol and drug detox can be very intense, physically, emotionally and mentally. During the alcohol and drug detox process, the body is purging itself of months, or even years, of serious toxins that have built up in the blood stream and in the internal organs. As toxins are released, the body begins to go through withdrawal symptoms and this process can be highly uncomfortable and even painful. A private addiction rehab center offers a safe and comfortable place where an addict can get through the most intense detoxification symptoms on their own terms. Once the physical symptoms of drug detox begin to subside, there are often emotional issues that need to be addressed. This, to, is also dealt with in a private and personalized manner. Because many addicts first turned to drugs or alcohol to numb their feelings or escape from painful emotions, experiencing these emotions while sober can be an extremely distressing experience. A private addiction rehab center allows an addict to deal with their emotions with professional guidance under the care of trained addiction specialists. The addiction specialist offer important insight and support while still respecting a patient’s personal boundaries.

Private Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

Even though a private alcohol and drug rehabilitation center makes it a priority to respect an addict’s boundaries, connecting with others is still a very important part of the addiction recovery process. Building a sense of community and comraderie with other addicts is extremely important for recovery and building new sober relationships. A private alcohol and drug rehabilitation  center works with individuals, and also within small, private groups. These groups create a connection and allow addicts to learn from one another, compare stories and offer encouragement and support. Group meetings are kept completely confidential and anything shared within a meeting, stays within that meeting. Even the most private of patients report that their group therapy and group sharing sessions were some of the positive experiences and powerful. Group sessions and individual therapy sessions help eliminate the stigma and isolation for addiction and help addicts understand the root causes of their behaviors and build a brighter future for themselves.

Drug Treatment: Los Angeles

Looking for private drug treatment? Los Angeles’ The Hills Treatment Center is a leader in providing private addiction rehab services in a high end rehab facility. The Hills Treatment Center has worked with many high profile clients and completely understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality. To learn more about the confidential and private addiction rehab options available at The Hills Treatment Center visit our web site or call (844) 915-0287 and speak with an addiction specialist.

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