Private Addiction Rehab at The Hills Treatment Center

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Private Addiction Rehab at The Hills Treatment Center

Private Addiction RehabThe Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles provides an exclusive approach to private, residential addiction detox and rehabilitation.  Hidden atop the hills overlooking Los Angeles, The Hills Treatment Center is very secluded and serene, offering a unique educational and therapeutic drug and alcohol experience.  Under the leadership of its renowned founder, Dr. The Hill’s Program Director C. Samuels, the team of professionals at The Hills presents forward thinking treatment methodology based on the best and latest research practices into drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation.

Private – Luxury Drug Treatment

Because the process of detoxification from drugs and or alcohol is so challenging, The Hills chooses to surrounds it’s residents with every comfort of home in order to ease their way through the process.  This is the most advantageous way to begin the drug detox journey, and the benefits of private, high-end, residential rehab ensures greater long-term success.

  • Gated two – acre estate compound
  • Three separate facilities
  • Private room
  • Pets permitted
  • Fully staffed, 24/7
  • Gourmet meals by a world-class chef
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Educational support
  • Medication support
  • Health and Wellness Referrals
  • Massage and yoga

Concierge Drug Treatment in a Private Detox Center

The Hills Treatment Center provides concierge based treatment, allowing clients to select from a menu of services , exactly those treatments that suit them best as an individual.  Nothing about The Hills Treatment Center is a one-size-all.

Private Drug Treatment at The Hills

Contact an admission counselor at The Hills Treatment Center today, and learn more about this exclusive facility and their effective inroads in treatment planning.  The Hills treatment modalities are second to none and adhere to all the guidelines that addiction experts purport to be best.  At The Hills Treatment Center you will receive kind and caring support for drug detoxification and rehabilitation, delivered by top professionals in the field, in a private, secure, exclusive setting.  It’s the most desirable way to begin your path to a successful recovery.

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