Prescription Medication in Sobriety

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Woman taking prescription medication in sobriety

Stat You Life Over with Medication in Sobriety

Woman taking prescription medication in sobriety

Life still goes on in recovery and sometimes that means having to endure surgery or hospital stints. The doctor just prescribed narcotic painkillers—now what? Being alcoholics and having learned about our disease, we have found that we can’t safely use alcohol or drugs in any form. One Opioid Pain Medication may spur what’s known as the physical allergy inside us Alcoholics. But what if we’re badly injured and require pain medication? For us, waking up the beast seems inevitable upon taking Opioid Pain Medication or other opiates. This is where honesty is key in maintaining sobriety.

Some of us really do require pain medication. If we our honest with ourselves, our doctor and someone close to us such as a sponsor, we are more likely to stay sober. When talking to a doctor it is helpful to inform them of your alcoholism and drug addiction to help protect you physical sobriety and practice rigorous honesty.The doctor will do their best to prescribe you with only what you really need. Some have found it helpful to give their medication to a trusted friend or sponsor to administer to them as directed to prevent slips while under the influence of a narcotic. Sometimes your doctor may prescribe a non-narcotic pain med for you to try first. There have been countless stories of people with long term sobriety relapsing on narcotic pain pills because they failed to be honest.

It is ultimately up to each individual to determine their own sobriety. Staying honest helps us to check our motives when deciding if we really need pain pills or if we are trying to catch a “freelapse” from the buzz. Some find themselves wanting to continue taking their prescription even when the pain subsides. If you are having trouble being honest with yourself, call someone first before making any decisions. We will sometimes come across busybodies that wish to enforce strong opinions on outside issues and medication as it relates to sobritety, but at the end of the day these matters are between you, your doctor and your higher power.

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