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prescription drug abuse statistics woman holding water and medication

The most common drug addiction in America is prescription drug addiction. This may come as a surprise to many, but there’s no doubt that prescription drugs can lead to serious health problems, overdose, and addiction. These staggering prescription drug abuse statistics showcase just how much the epidemic has grown.

50% of Teens Think Prescription Drugs are Safer Than Illegal Drugs

woman with pills in hand is one of millions of prescription drug abuse statisticsPerhaps one of the most worrying prescription drug abuse statistics of all is that so many teens think of prescription drugs as harmless. This isn’t a line of thinking exclusive to teens since many adults hold the same belief.

While prescription drugs can have a medical purpose, they are far from harmless. When individuals take them incorrectly, they can lead to addiction, serious health problems, mental health concerns and more. In order to tackle the prescription drug epidemic, we have to start challenging this notion on a grand scale.

At Least 2 Million People in the USA Are Abusing Prescription Drugs

By some estimates, more than 2.1 million adults in the United States have a substance abuse disorder that involves prescription drugs. Keep in mind that there are millions more who use and even abuse prescription drugs. In fact, some research suggests that over 15 million Americans use prescription drugs inappropriately each year. This means that the problem isn’t small, and you probably know several people who have used prescription medications incorrectly at one time or another.

Accidental Prescription Painkiller Overdose Fatalities Have Quadrupled Since 1999

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, prescription opioid overdose deaths total more than 20,000 each year. This number has quadrupled in the past two decades, which is definitely cause for serious alarm. The only way to prevent an opioid overdose is to cease consumption of any opioid drugs, whether they’re prescription or not.

The USA Makes Up 5% of the Global Population But 75% of Prescription Drug Use

People often have a genuine need for prescription medications. However, this statistic shows just how many prescription drugs people are consuming within the United States. Per capita, Americans are consuming way more prescription drugs, and opioids in particular, than are medically necessary.

One way to fight back against prescription drug abuse is to limit how many prescriptions physicians are writing. Medical professionals may need to start writing fewer prescriptions. Monitoring and regulating patient drug consumption may also be critical.

Avoid Becoming One of the Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

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Just some treatment methods and programs available to patients include:

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